1 pill a week, not every day |

1 pill a week, not every day |

New therapy for type 2 diabetes. One pill a week and no longer at least one a day. The pharmaceutical market regulators are in the process of giving the green light. Two major studies on the new weekly basal insulin have been published in two major scientific journals: yama And New England Journal of Medicine.

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New therapy for type 2 diabetes: as effective as the daily pill

The researchers analyzed data from 600 patients who had never taken insulin despite having type 2 diabetes. The team divided the study participants into two groups. The first group took the new drug weekly for six months. The other opted for traditional daily therapy. The analysis of the results showed that the new therapy is not only as effective as the daily one. It has a slight benefit as it is better at maintaining glycated hemoglobin levels.

How is the diabetes situation in Italy?

The difference in therapy is so clear that experts speak of a real revolution. In Italy alone there are almost 4,000,000 people living with type 2 diabetes. It is estimated that the total number is actually over 5,000,000. At least 1,000,000 Italians suffer from diabetes without knowing it, although this disease has gods typical symptoms. So it is important to do this a blood sugar test to understand your situation. Type 2 diabetes is a particularly insidious pathology. It is also important to check yourself for prevention. Many have pre-diabetes. A dangerous situation, but nonetheless reversible.

New therapy for type 2 diabetes, the molecule is called Icodec

The new drug, whose molecule is called Icodec, will be based on a new type of basal insulin. The good news is that dosing every seven days can be done with the same potency as daily dosing. Among the experts involved was also Roberto Trevisan, Professor of Endocrinology at the University of Milan-Bicocca and Director of Diabetology at the ASST Papa Giovanni XXIII of Bergamo.

all advantages

According to Trevisan, this new molecule has the potential to simplify the management of diabetes that requires insulin therapy. It spares patients the inconvenience of daily injections, making it easier to adhere to insulin therapy. Another factor that should not be underestimated is the increase in the patient’s quality of life. Very often people with type 2 diabetes are older people who are forced to take other pills because of other health problems. Going from seven to one pill is a big plus.

New therapy for type 2 diabetes: beware of low blood sugar

There is a side effect that is particularly highlighted in the research available in the journal Jama. Experts have calculated that there is less than one episode of hypoglycemia per patient per year. It is therefore up to the attending physician or diabetologist to decide which treatment option is best for each patient. The approval, which according to experts will take place shortly, is also eagerly awaited by the Association of Diabetics.

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