“13 million jobs have been created with me” –

“13 million jobs have been created with me” –

Today is a good day for the American economy and for American workers. Here’s how President Joe Biden comments on the May jobs data, which added 339,000 new jobs. Since I took office, we have created over 13 million jobs. That’s more jobs in 28 months than any president has created in a full four-year term, he said. The economic plan implemented by the administration works. And in the wake of the Stars and Stripes enthusiasm for better-than-expected employment, the Milan Stock Exchange is nearing the end of the session, poised for a 2% gain (+1.99%) to close the last session of the week by one to close +1.85% to 27,068 points. In Frankfurt, the Dax rose by 1.27% to 16,055.25 points, in London the FTSE 100 rose by 1.54% to 7,605.30 points. In Paris, the Cac 40 increases by 1.87% to 7,270.69 points. In Milan, the Ftse Mib is +1.85% (Here is the trend in real time). The spread continues to narrow. The difference is less than 175 points, the return is 4.052% (Here is the trend in real time).

euros and dollars

The euro is slightly down but still above $1.07 as investors digested yesterday’s hawkish comments from ECB President Christine Lagarde and their implications for the future stance of monetary policy. The common currency changed hands at $1.0748 (-0.12%) and 149.78 yen. Dollar/Yen exchange rate at 139.40 (+0.44%).

Rating, revisions for France and Great Britain

The price lists are also supported by futures showing the forecast for today on Wall Street

, which are positive given the strong performance of the technology sector and words from two Federal Reserve officials on a possible pause in interest rate hikes in June. Words of help in understanding the central bank’s moves will be the US jobs data expected at 2:30pm. On the calendar tonight France’s rating review by S&P, which downgraded its outlook to negative last December, while Fitch will give its opinion on the UK’s rating.

Autogrill towards delisting

Following the takeover offer (public purchase and exchange offer), the Swiss Dufry Group now holds 94.5% of Autogrill and can thus fulfill its obligation to buy back the remaining shares and carry out the delisting from Piazza Affari. Dufry would directly hold 94.3493% of the share capital, according to a press release reporting the preliminary results of the acceptance of the offer during the reopening of terms, which ended yesterday on June 1st. Adding the treasury shares of the company owned by the Benetton family, Dufry’s total stake is 94.5044% of the capital. Following the definitive results by June 7th, as previously communicated, the Swiss group will not restore sufficient free float and will honor the commitment to purchase the remaining 5.4956% of the capital and then withdraw the shares from the stock exchange. The completion of this operation will create a global player in catering and retail services for travelers in 75 countries, employing around 60,000 people in 5,500 outlets and generating total sales of EUR 14 billion.

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