Forest firefighting crews arrive in British Columbia from Mexico as hot, dry conditions persist

The British Columbia government is welcoming 100 Mexican firefighters on Saturday to help fight hundreds of wildfires raging in the province. Nearly 5,000 properties remain under evacuation order and more than 16,000 are on evacuation alert over the weekend as hundreds of fires burn across the province, some fueled by consistently hot temperatures and strong winds. The BC Wildfire Service […]

Rescue teams struggle to reach submerged homes in India following floods and landslides

Rescue teams in India battled thick mud and debris on Saturday to reach dozens of submerged homes as the death toll from landslides and accidents from torrential monsoon rains rose to 125. The state of Maharashtra has suffered the heaviest rains in July in four decades, experts say. Showers lasting several days have severely affected the lives of hundreds of […]

Player’s Own Voice Podcast: Skylar Park

Skylar Park is one of only two taekwondo athletes that Canada has sent to Tokyo. But tomorrow, she is aiming for the final in the Olympic category of 57 kilograms. The friendly but deadly young Winnipegger has captured the attention of the martial arts world. With sixteen Black Belts in Skylar’s immediate family, she trained for 20 of her 22 […]

Bell Island has an explosive problem – and these military divers are back to defuse it

Military divers returned to Newfoundland waters to complete a job started two years ago: removing ammunition and explosives from ships sunk during World War II. During the war, in an attempt to prevent the iron ore supply from reaching Allied forces, four ships were sunk by German submarines off the coast of Bell Island in Conception Bay in Newfoundland. The […]