Cycling injuries in Canada surged during first year of pandemic, data shows

Hospitalizations for cycling injuries in Canada increased by 25 per cent during the pandemic, according to data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information. CIHI, a non-profit organization that tracks hospitalizations and emergency visits across the country, reported last week that between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021, the overall number of injury hospitalizations dropped across Canada but hospitalizations […]

Springsteen’s ‘dynamic’ ticket prices just the latest twist in Ticketmaster saga

If you’ve been to even a single concert in the last few decades, you’ve probably spent some time trying to answer one question: “How does Ticketmaster get away with charging so much?” While that question stretches nearly as far back as the establishment of the ticket seller, it recently centered around around blue-collar hero Bruce Springsteen. Two weeks ago, after […]

Investment firms are snapping up US homes. In Canada, the trend is ‘in its infancy,’ says Remax boss

Investment firms have become the biggest new buyers of US homes — a trend that could make home ownership more difficult for average families. The idea of ​​big investors buying single-family homes to rent them out is “just in its infancy” in Canada, but is worth watching, according to the president of one of this country’s largest real estate firms. […]

Staff shortages shut down Western Hospital’s CEC for summer

The Western Hospital’s Collaborative Emergency Center will remain closed until the end of the summer due to continued staff shortages. Health PEI said in a news release Monday the center will shut down in the evening and stay closed until Sept. 15, with the plan possibly being revaluated in the future. Some staff will be reassigned to the Alberton hospital’s […]