BC launching new payment model for family doctors in 2023

The government of British Columbia is ushering in a new payment model for family doctors in February. Provincial health officials announced the news Monday morning, saying physicians will be able to opt out of the current fee-for-service system in the new year. Under that system, doctors are paid based on the number of patients they see in a day. The […]

Does adversity make you stronger? Scientists say not always

There’s an old saying that adversity makes you stronger. Real life shows that’s not always true, but the adage highlights an evolving debate among scientists about resilience. After traumatic events and crises such as child abuse, gun violence or a pandemic, what explains why some people bounce back, while others struggle to cope? Is it nature — genes and other […]

Alberta government to try to prohibit COVID-19 mask mandates in schools, Smith says

The Alberta government is moving to try to prohibit any COVID-19 mask mandates in schools, Premier Danielle Smith said Saturday morning. In a statement sent to news media Saturday, Smith alleged that the mental health, development and education of students, from kindergarten to Grade 12, have suffered because of wearing masks in class. “We must turn the page on what […]

I love nursing in the cardiac ICU. But I worry the system itself will flatline

This First Person column is written by Heather Häberli who lives in Calgary. For more information about CBC’s First Person stories, please see the FAQ. 5:08First Person: Heather Häberli For Heather Häberli, the Calgary Cardiac ICU nurse loves her job. But she worries that the healthcare system itself and her own coping mechanisms are starting to collapse. Ventricular fibrillation — […]

This blind man has been fighting for years to get ‘talking prescriptions’ at his local pharmacy

Dean Steacy has been fighting for five years to get his local Rexall drugstore to adopt “talking prescription label” technology. The Gatineau, Que., man has been blind for 17 years, takes insulin and up to 10 pills daily for diabetes and related conditions. He sometimes has to rely on others to help him manage his medications. The lack of independence […]

Women’s health at risk as Lethbridge battles severe obstetrician shortage, doctors warn

A shortage of obstetricians in Lethbridge is being called a crisis, and it’s sparking concerns about patient safety. By the end of November, just one permanent obstetrician-gynecologist will be left to serve the southern Alberta city of more than 100,000 people and its surrounding areas. There’s funding for eight obstetrician-gynecologists. But since June there has been a sharp decline in […]

Amid growing criticism, Macklem says Bank of Canada’s independence isn’t under threat

As critically piles on from politicians, pundits and interest groups, Bank of Canada governor Tiff Macklem says he’s felt no threat to the institution’s independence. “I do not have any concerns about the bank’s independence being under threat,” Macklem said in an interview with The Canadian Press on Wednesday. Over the last year, the central bank has been under intense […]

Environment minister slams oilpatch for shelling out sky-high profits to shareholders

The federal environment minister is calling out Canada’s oil companies for failing to put cash behind their promises to tackle climate change. Steven Guilbeault says the country’s major oil players have promised to do something greenhouse about gas emissions but instead have funnelled most of their record-breaking profits to shareholders. This is at least the third time in the last […]