Greek Yogurt or Plain Yogurt: Which is Better?

What are the Differences between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt? Let’s say right away, the big difference is in the creaminess, which is much more pronounced in the normal variant, simply because of the larger proportion of water. This larger water content leads to the main differences between the two products. Both are created by the fermentation of milk, which, […]

“Editing is delicate work.” Until June, the EU Commission’s controls –

There is controversy about thisGovernment amendment to PA Decree presented in Chamber Committee which contains two different rules for the Court of Auditors’ controls. The government, in the Labor and Constitutional Commissions, has proposed extending the so-called tax shield by one year (from June 30, 2023 to June 30, 2024), thereby limiting the possibility of challenging the tax damage to […]

What happens when quota 103 expires, the knots to untie?

Pensions, the latest news A Social Expenditure Observatory will be set up in the Ministry of Labour, which will be tasked with examining possible interventions for pension reform once quota 103 has expired. Turn on notifications to get updates Pensions, the latest news Not only the tax reform: At the trade union meeting in the Palazzo Chigi, the government also […]

In the video, the Ukrainian military Bakhmut has problems with the ammunition for the mortar

The Telegram channel “UMFT – UA Military Flight Team” shows the moisture problems encountered by a patrol of Ukrainian soldiers using mortar ammunition this winter. In the video, more than one shot fails and crashes not far from the launch point. In the comment, the team states that these videos will not be released immediately in order not to jeopardize […]

Nvidia and MediaTek partner to create the Dimension Auto platform: the future of connected cars

MediaTek, one of the leading chip manufacturers for smartphones, is now targeting this automotive sector. At the Computex 2023 trade show, the company announced a partnership with Nvidia to develop the platform dimensioning automatically. The Dimensity Auto platform will leverage MediaTek’s mobile technology expertise to deliver 5G connectivity, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more Satellite connections in cars. It will also leverage […]

Multiple sclerosis: here are all the symptoms

There multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurodegenerative disease characterized by an atypical immune response against some components of the central nervous system that are mistaken for “enemies”. This autoimmune inflammatory process can worsen and cause damage myelini.e. the sheath that wraps around the nerve fibers, creating the demyelination. In this article How many types of multiple sclerosis are there? Essentially […]