The right to study must not lie in the hands of the private sector

In an interview with, MP Antonio Caso explained the content of a motion by the M5 that proposes concrete solutions to parliament and the government to combat high rents. The deputy of the M5S Anthony case illustrates to the content of an application on the subject high rent, which mainly affects the accommodation of external students, but not […]

Turkey is in the ballot, Erdogan the favourite, but the ultra-nationalist right is chasing votes

Waiting in Türkiye for tomorrow’s vote. The ballot will show who is among the outgoing presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the opposition candidate, the Republican Kemal Kilicdaroğlu, He will rule the country for the next five years. The 88% achieved in the first round confirm that the Turks still want to choose the next president after the February 6 earthquake […]

Thiago Motta: “Bologna must keep some players for the future”

The coach on the eve of Napoli: “It’s going to be a great game against the Italian champions. I have seen the President and we will meet again to clarify all points, we need complete harmony.” From our correspondent Matteo Dalla Vite May 27th – casteldebole (bologna) Thiago Motta is thinking about Napoli (“A fantastic game to watch”) but it’s […]

Artificial intelligence discovers a new antibiotic

L’Artificial intelligence discovers a new antibiotic. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a novel antibiotic against an antibiotic-resistant bacterium has been discovered. The news comes from a major Canadian research center. The results can be read in the specialist journal natural chemical biology. The World Health Organization recognizes thisantibiotic resistance as one of the biggest problems worldwide. This problem is particularly felt […]

Default USA, Yellen moves date to June 5 –

“Based on the most recent data available to us, we believe that without an agreement beginning June 5, the Treasury Department will be unable to meet federal government needs,” US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen wrote in a new statement Letter to Congress warning that the government could default on June 5 without raising the country’s $31.4 trillion debt ceiling. Originally, […]

Rally of the right in Catania live on Rai, vigilance: possible violation, we will assess it

The rally marking the end of the centre-right election campaign, which was also attended by leading politicians such as Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, was broadcast live on RaiNews24. According to the Rai Oversight Commission, there could be a breach of public service rules. The closure of centre-right election campaign in Catania it ends in Rai Surveillance. The rally in […]

Amazon Gaming Week: 7 Gaming Chairs You Shouldn’t Miss!

If you’re looking for a gaming chair at a reduced price, Amazon Gaming Week is the place for you! In this week you can actually find the typical ones ergonomic, comfortable and quality chairs at affordable pricesso that you can finally get your hands on a suitable product and enjoy your long gaming sessions without tiring your back, legs and […]