bags today may 9 | Europe in red, Banco Bpm running in Milan

A slow start, slightly down, for European stock markets, with bated breath for US inflation data due tomorrow May 10 (consumer prices) and Thursday 11 (manufacturing prices). They will be useful in understanding whether the Federal Reserve will actually decide to pause interest rate hikes as hinted at at the last meeting. while the economic situation is more optimistic. Even […]

Antropova called up by Italvolley: “The blue jersey, how exciting”

The Russian-born player has won her battle for the Italian title and is on the VNL player list: “I spoke to Mazzanti, it’s going to be a long summer. I can barely wait for it.” Stephen from Corona May 7th – SCANDICCI (Florence) Born in Iceland, raised in Russia but Italian, very Italian from volleyball training and first membership. Ekaterina […]

aromatic herbs are back to help research |

Francesca Romana Barberini The aromatic herbs from Aism to support the research, they will be in practically every Italian city. We also find lemon-flavored thyme, marjoram, rosemary, sage and oregano. Find out where to find AISM volunteers here. A donation of 10 euros is sufficient. The funds collected with AISM’s aromatic herbs will help people with multiple sclerosis and scientific […]

Measures for 2024

Deputy Business Secretary Leo confirms the government’s intention is to structurally cut the additional tax burden introduced by the Labor Decree. The government authorized the Labor Decree a lower the control wedge by 4 percentage points, but the measure is scheduled: It will take place in July and will last 6 months. However, the executive is convinced that it can […]

Serbia in shock, the new killer is hiding in his grandparents’ house. Vucic: “Let’s disarm the country”

Serbia is in shock after two gunshot massacres that took place just a week apart. Police also arrested Uros B.’s grandfather and uncle, where the 21-year-old perpetrator of last night’s new massacre was hiding. Police found bombs, an automatic rifle and ammunition in her house in Vinjista near Kragujevac (150 km south of Belgrade). The same house where, hours earlier, […]

Apple: Layoffs are the last resort

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, he explained From Do not plan mass layoffs. An attitude that is in stark contrast to other industry giants such as Meta, Microsoft, Amazon or Google. In the latter case, laying off 12,000 employees didn’t stop CEO Sundar Pichai from pocketing a $226 million bonus. “I see it that way the last resort and that’s […]