4 signs it can cost you a lot when you’re under 50 |

4 signs it can cost you a lot when you’re under 50 |

What are the Colorectal cancer symptoms in young people? In recent years diagnoses for this cancer they doubled in people under 50. The data comes from the American Cancer Society, which asked all health care facilities to anticipate this routine exams for the 45-year-olds and no longer 50-year-olds.

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Early diagnosis makes this cancer easily treatable

That is the good news If the cancer is caught early, it is treatable: The 5-year survival rate for patients with early-stage cancer is 91 percent. However, the risk of death increases significantly in the advanced stage of the disease. In the event of metastasis, the chances of survival drop to a dramatic 14 percent. This makes follow-up visits crucial and means anyone experiencing early symptoms should see a doctor right away.

Symptoms of colorectal cancer in young people together with various pathologies

The main problem is that the symptoms of colon cancer at a young age set off similar alarm bells as many other bowel problems, such as: hemorrhoidal diseaseThe irritable bowel syndrome or the anal fissures. A study from Washington University School of Medicine in Saint Louis thought of making the list. The most common symptoms, according to researchers at the US Research Center, are basically four:

  1. Stomach pain,
  2. bleeding,
  3. Diarrhea,
  4. low iron levels.

The results can be found in the journal Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

Colon cancer symptoms in adolescents: what did the US study find?

Experts emphasize that it is important that this cancer is no longer seen as a disease that affects older people. To achieve their goals, the research group looked at more than 5,000 colorectal cancer diagnoses in people under the age of 50 and identified the early symptoms, which appeared between two years and three months before the diagnosis. The four symptoms listed above were present in almost all patients.

But there is more. The researchers explained that if only one of these symptoms occurs, the risk of developing cancer is doubled compared to those who do not have it. Having two symptoms increases the risk 3.59 times. With three symptoms, the risk increases 6.52 times.

Never let down your guard

“In this analysis, we found that some young adults had symptoms for up to two years before their diagnosis. This could be one reason why many of these younger patients had more advanced disease at the time of diagnosis than we typically see in older people who are screened regularly.” Cassandra DL Fritz is the first author of the study.

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