VPN for €2 a month? Yes, with the offer from Privato VPN

If the typical cost of a VPN makes you prefer free versions, now is your chance to subscribe to a paid service for only €1.99 per month. This possibility is offered by Privado VPN, a Virtual Private Network software, which because of this discount makes comfort one of its distinguishing features. We’re talking about a VPN that offers most of […]

Drugs for insomnia shorten life by five years

What are the effects of sleeping pills about longevity? More than five years shorter life expectancy for those who take sleeping pills than for those who don’t. The shocking news is contained in an extensive analysis that processed data from almost half a million people. The risk of premature death increases by 55 percent. You can read the results of […]

“The car? Technical breakthrough and more beauty, so it will remain strategic» – Corriere.it

“The real value of the revolution that our President Luca de Meo has inscribed on Renault – says Raffaele Fusilli, CEO of Renault Italia (pictured) – undoubtedly lies in the effort of technological innovation that has never been more evident, coupled with beauty .” If Dostoyevsky said that beauty will save the world, we are convinced that beauty will save […]

Roman greeting at the June 2nd parade and La Russa smiles, the video

The author on Instagram shared on Instagram an excerpt from yesterday’s event, June 2nd, denouncing what had happened. However, military sources dispute this. “Enter the parade with the Roman salute“. It’s the writing that appears over a video the author posted to Instagram today Michelle Murgia at the fashion show at the Fori Imperiali for the day of the Republic. […]

Super Mega Baseball 4 | review

Over time, Super Mega Baseball has gained the trust of an increasing number of players, who are primarily attracted by the customization options that the game offers. While titles like MLB The Show try year after year to refine the underlying properties of their simulation, Super Mega Baseball welcomes those looking for something more immediate to play without sacrificing too […]

Can you die from stress?

If we ask someone if they are stressed, 90% of the time the answer will be yes. However, it is not easy to say how many people in Italy suffer from this condition. The statistics available are not always reliable and there is a risk of getting confused when looking for an attractive title. However, the question is very serious: […]