A Dualshock 4 is used in the operating room in Turin

A Dualshock 4 is used in the operating room in Turin

During an endoscopic operation at the Mauriziano Hospital in Turin A Dualshock 4 was used to control the brand new robot “Ily”..

This new robot has a multifunctional arm who guides an endoscopic instrument with extreme precision, flexible, in the urinary tract until the kidney stone is located. Once this is achieved, it can be pulverized with a pulsed laser, which has long been used in prostate surgery.

The Dualshock 4, as can be seen in the images circulating on the net, It has been appropriately modified to make it compatible with Ily and facilitate use in the operating room for the removal of a complicated kidney stone in a 50-year-old Chinese patient.

The deployment of the DualShock 4 marks the latest evolution in robotic instrumentation Used in the treatment of pathologies such as kidney stones, an area in which the Mauriziano Hospital of Turin has specialized for several years.

DualShock 4

According to the hospital team, while Ily has been operational for some time, This would be the first time the PlayStation controller will be used to control the robot.

While the picture may seem like a simple generalization about the use of electronic tools in medical facilities, The fact that the DualShock 4 was involved in this context has aroused a great deal of curiosity among both medical professionals and video game enthusiasts and shows once again how video game technology can be applied in other fields.

In fact, it’s not uncommon for controllers to be used in areas other than video games, and the reason is quite simple: as video games have become an important part of our culture, using control systems that are considered “common use” by the new generations, It makes more sense to ensure faster machine learningMedium and precision tools that would require a much larger learning curve when using proprietary control systems.

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