An electric IVECO pulls 153 tons, the video for the record

An electric IVECO pulls 153 tons, the video for the record

We talk a lot about cars, but the electric revolution affects me too work equipmentor transporter included. And apparently the new generation vehicles have something to say, such as the IVECO eDaily, which set a record with a towing capacity of 153.58 tons.

The vehicle is undoubtedly the electric version of one of the best-known and most popular vans one of the most popular models on Italian roads and beyond. The official presentation dates from last September.

The IVECO eDaily has three batteries (battery packs), i.e. a total of 111 kWh, developed a Total power of 140 kW (188 hp) with a maximum torque of 400 Nm. The available figures are at the level of the diesel version, if not even higher.

The trailer load – that of the record – officially corresponds to the turbo diesel version. In tow was an IVECO X-Way Strator, a gigantic self-loaded vehicle, along with a dump truck and other heavyweights.

For this purpose, IVECO eDaily used the high performance mode, available as standard on this model. It provides extra power for a short time and understandably reduces battery life.

A good test, no doubt, but it is nonetheless an advertising measure. Is the electric transporter a sensible alternative for working people in real life? The answer is obvious: “It depends”, and the central criterion is the autonomy of 280 kilometers declared.

For those who make a predictable and calculated journey, electric propulsion could be a good solution: you arrive at your destination and charge it while you work. If your daily mileage is less than 200km, it may be a good idea. And of course you have to have a quick charger for the night, otherwise it won’t work.

Anyone who is otherwise constantly on the move and only has a few minutes to refuel is still dependent on the heat engine for the time being. But things could change quickly.

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