Anemia caused by chronic kidney failure: New therapy is coming |

Anemia caused by chronic kidney failure: New therapy is coming |

The Italian Medicines Agency has a new therapy for anemia associated with kidney failure chronic. It’s about Roxadustat, the first orally administered inhibitor of hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) prolyl hydroxylase (PH). It is a new class of drugs for adult patients with symptomatic anemia associated with chronic kidney disease.

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What are the main symptoms?

The main symptoms are mental confusion, tachycardia, breathlessness, Headache, loss of appetite And depression. Kidney failure anemia is not the most common. One in ten people is affected by kidney failure. One in five of them suffers from this type of anemia, which leads to a significant deterioration in the quality of life with a significant impact on the health of the heart and kidneys themselves.

NOEgg therapy for anemia or renal failure

When you suffer from chronic kidney disease, there are numerous complications that become more serious as the disease progresses. Among the most serious is anemia, a condition that leads to reduced production of red blood cells, which is responsible for poor oxygen supply to organs. One of the pain points of chronic kidney disease it is often asymptomatic. Consequently, it can only be detected through routine testing.

How does the new drug work?

The new drug is eligible for reimbursement from the National Health Service increases hemoglobin levelsHowever, it does so via a different mechanism than injectable erythropoiesis-stimulating agents, which are usually administered with intravenous iron. A study confirmed the effectiveness of this new oral therapy. Roxadustat triggers our natural response to reduced levels of oxygen in the blood. This response involves the regulation of several coordinated processes leading to the correction of anemia with reduced intravenous iron requirements. This leads to better iron bioavailability, an increase in hemoglobin production and an increase in erythrocyte mass.

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