Another arrested smuggler was strapped in with 306 CPUs

Another arrested smuggler was strapped in with 306 CPUs

Just days after stopping a man with over 400 SSDs, Chinese customs found another. this time with 306 CPUs, always attached to the body like a (more or less) belt. The criminal was stopped at Qingmao Port while attempting to cross to mainland China from Macao.

According to the Chinese newspaper People’s Daily, the smuggler stood out because he “walked in an abnormal posture” – which is understandable given his clothing about 15 kg valuable processors (without packaging).

The attempt to route the goods through the “nothing to declare” passage is explained by the fact that Hong Kong and Macau they are free zones without VAT, so you can earn some by reselling the products in China at a price lower than the market price but still higher than the purchase price. The mechanism is similar to what we see around Italian free zones like Livigno or along the border with Switzerland, although the potential gains are small and perhaps not worth the risk of being arrested.

The fact that there were two arrests within a few days, and that both were related to technology sector products, suggests instead that the phenomenon is particularly widespread. Assuming that for every stopped car there are several dozen couriers who manage to get past, then there is indeed one Sales of several million dollars.

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