Apple: Layoffs are the last resort

Apple: Layoffs are the last resort

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, he explained From Do not plan mass layoffs. An attitude that is in stark contrast to other industry giants such as Meta, Microsoft, Amazon or Google. In the latter case, laying off 12,000 employees didn’t stop CEO Sundar Pichai from pocketing a $226 million bonus.

“I see it that way the last resort and that’s why we’re not talking about mass layoffs right now,” Cook said. A statement that comes along with the quarterly figures that certify Apple more than good performance.

In fact, in the quarter just ended, Bitten Apple recorded sales of $95 billion, with a profit of 24 billion. Financially, Apple continues to be a diamond of rare brilliance. In fact, they are also opening new stores in India, a country that could be the fastest growing market in the years to come.

Explain without a doubt No to layoffs When the accounts are going well, it’s a lot easier than in times of crisis, but it’s also true that the other companies mentioned aren’t doing badly at all; have seen a drop (not even that big), and the Before answer was to fire. However, Apple says it will be the last.

In any case, the giant from Cupertino is also there reduce costs, like everyone in 2023; Cook also acknowledged a slowdown in hiring. “We’re continuing to hire, but at a lower level than before,” the CEO said. “And we are [mettendo] Question spending, find another way to save.”

One possible reason why Apple isn’t laying off thousands of people plus healthy accounts is that did not give in to “crazy assumptions”. like some competitors during the pandemic. More caution Beforetherefore less pain Thenyou could say.

In any case, it makes sense to clarify that we are talking about mass layoffs, in the sense that Apple will not lay off tens of thousands of people for the time being, as some of its competitors have done. However, there were also some layoffs at Apple: it is not clear how many exactly, e.g the sources You spoke of “probably very small” numbers, which are still greater than zero.

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