arrested activists and journalists still searching for the truth

arrested activists and journalists still searching for the truth

The memory of that night from June 3rd to 4th, 1989 is always alive, when dozens of tanks and infantry from the Army of the Communist Party They went to the center of Beijing and forever stained themselves with what was then called in the West the Tiananmen Square massacre. Some speak of thousands of victims, but the exact number of peaceful demonstrators killed is still unknown.

On the anniversary of these tragic events 34 years ago Beijing blocks the square In the center of the capital, access for tourists and journalists is restricted and it is not possible to drive through without a special permit or an identity card. Arms raised and only a few flowers in hand. At least ten activists have been arrested in Hong Kong for this reason the leader of the opposition Social Democratic Party, Chan Po-Ying. The activist held a small LED candle and flowers at the traditional vigil in Victoria Park. Like them, police arrested several opposition figures, including Alexandra Wong, a prominent activist better known as “Grandma Wong” and the reporter Mak Yin Ting, former President of the Former Union of Journalists of the British Colony. In total, AFP reporters saw at least ten people arrested in the business district.

accused “disruptive acts”, disturbance of public order and riot. Public commemoration of the events of 1989 has been banned in the region since 2020 by order of the authorities.

At that time, students, workers and intellectuals asked more freedom and democracy Even today the situation does not seem to have changed.

public commemoration Black Page for Democracy In 20th-century history, it has been banned in mainland China since the relevant time, with Beijing using violent methods to repress the activists and victims’ families, placing them under house arrest or transferring them to other regions.

The Mothers of Tiananmen For years they have been demanding justice and the truth about who killed their children, demanding compensation and the identification of those responsible. Human Rights Watch He called on the Chinese government to recognize this responsibility. It camps on social media the hashtag #35May Used to abolish censorship.


the association “Mothers of Heavenly Peace” of relatives of the young victims of the massacre

Yesterday in Hong Kongthe police arrested 4 artists in the famous place of Victoria Park for disturbance of public order and peace and because of seditious acts.

Two activist leaders, Kwan Chun-pong and Lau Ka-yee, were arrested after they appeared near the location of the candlelight vigil: they had announced one hunger strike in honor of the victims.

Hong Kong police cordoned off large parts of Victoria Park to ban vigils marking the anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre Ap photo

Hong Kong police cordoned off large parts of Victoria Park to ban vigils marking the anniversary of the Tiananmen Massacre

Until 2019 J Hong Kong It was possible to commemorate the victims of the massacre. Hundreds gathered in Victoria Park, the large public space was the scene of annual vigils candlelight to remember the events of that dreadful night.

Over the next few years, Beijing tightened control over the independently administered former British colony. Hong Kong wasn’t just the scene of Tiananmen “Umbrella Revolt” which was also suppressed after days of attempts at dissent. The Chinese government has created special internal security laws, laws that are also used to suppress terrorismpolitical opposition.

Each year the dissent seemed unchanged from 34 years ago, years that seem far away and evidently still living under the rubble of this dark side of democracy.

Hong Kong, the statue commemorating Tiananmen Square (ApPhoto)

Hong Kong, the statue commemorating Tiananmen Square

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