Super Mega Baseball 4 | review

Over time, Super Mega Baseball has gained the trust of an increasing number of players, who are primarily attracted by the customization options that the game offers. While titles like MLB The Show try year after year to refine the underlying properties of their simulation, Super Mega Baseball welcomes those looking for something more immediate to play without sacrificing too […]

Can you die from stress?

If we ask someone if they are stressed, 90% of the time the answer will be yes. However, it is not easy to say how many people in Italy suffer from this condition. The statistics available are not always reliable and there is a risk of getting confused when looking for an attractive title. However, the question is very serious: […]

head of state? I was just saying that chasing revenue isn’t about fighting tax evasion, it’s wrong

“I’m afraid you didn’t make it. I’ve talked about how instead of fighting tax evasion, the state is looking for revenue. That’s wrong for me,” said Giorgia Meloni, speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the June 2 celebrations and answering a question from about her statements at the “Pizzo di Stato”. by Marco Billeci and Annalisa Girardi At […]

Greek Yogurt or Plain Yogurt: Which is Better?

What are the Differences between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt? Let’s say right away, the big difference is in the creaminess, which is much more pronounced in the normal variant, simply because of the larger proportion of water. This larger water content leads to the main differences between the two products. Both are created by the fermentation of milk, which, […]