Bikes, MTBs, electric and folding bikes: discover Decathlon’s summer discounts for green mobility

Bikes, MTBs, electric and folding bikes: discover Decathlon’s summer discounts for green mobility

If you think about it buy a new electric bike There is no better time than summer to move around the city emission-free in summer Decathlon Summer Discounts. The retailer has actually launched a range of stunning deals around a wide range of electric bikes that will allow you to do this You can also save several hundred euros.

There are almost 100 discounted electric bikes available, including both entry-level and high-end models. An opportunity not to be missed, especially considering that these are remedies that are becoming increasingly popular for their ability Make travel easier and more accessible for everyone. So if you want to tackle steep climbs with ease or cut the commute time on your daily commute, buying an electric bike this summer could be your best bet.

With 18% discountwhich lowers the price from €1,599.00 to €1,299.00The Flebi Supra 3.0 is undoubtedly one of the most interesting of this initiative. Equipped with a 250w motor, will propel you effortlessly at high speed, even on gentle climbs. The quick folding mechanism The bike then folds up in seconds, while the retractable wheel system allows it to be conveniently moved like a trolley.

Equipped with a 10.4Ah/374.4Wh removable battery, You can load it on the frame or take it off to load. The mechanical parts are great as this model comes with one as standard Shimano Nexus 3-speed gearboxFront disc brake, a sleek new fork and headlight.

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