Budget deviation rejected with 6 votes –

Budget deviation rejected with 6 votes –

The Chamber of Deputies rejected the majority-proposed resolution approving the budget deviation of 3.4 billion in 2023 and 4.5 billion in 2024. There were 195 votes in favour, 19 against and 105 abstentions. In fact, an absolute majority of 201 votes is required for approval. The figure was greeted by opposition applause. Due to the lack of authorization, it was not possible to proceed with the voting on the majority and opposition decisions on the Def, and the work of the Assembly on the Def will be suspended and resumed at 7 p.m., the President-in-Office announced in the plenary hall. Fabio Ramelli. Consideration of the Def will resume in the manner to be decided by the group conference once all the necessary information is received, Rampelli added. Many point out that there is no precedent for what happened.

What’s happening now

The situation is confused and maybe it will be necessary to create a new CDM with new balance sheets, this is a technical aspect that they will evaluate at Palazzo Chigi. There will have to be a new Council of Ministers to assess the way forward, said Deputy Economy Minister Maurizio Leo, who was questioned after the rejection of the budget variance report in the Chamber of Deputies. We also need to fix the balance sheets, Leo added. Economics Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti also spoke on the subject. There is no political problem that MPs do not know or do not recognize, said the minister as he left the plenary hall. Indeed, the absence of numerous parliamentarians from the majority in the chamber that led to the rejection of the report will force the government to convene a new Council of Ministers to approve a new economic and financial document and a new report with a different deviation, even to a minimal amount. A meeting of the Council of Ministers has been convened today at 6.30 p.m. to consider the following agenda: Economic and Financial Document 2023 pursuant to Article 10 of the Law of December 31, 2009, n. 196.

The criticism of the opposition

The opposition goes on the attack. A majority with these parliamentary numbers, in the most important political act, which fails miserably. A total irresponsibility for the country’s problems that adds up to the confusion and disorder in Pnrr these days, says Democratic Party group leader in the chamber, Chiara Braga. The 5 Star Movement asks Meloni to go to Colle. You are incompetent: tell citizens’ income earners to go to work. But you come to work. President Meloni goes immediately to the Quirinale to be guided. They are creating financial instability that we cannot afford, attacks M5S’s Francesco Silvestri. Fratelli d’Italia minimized: Just a matter of Chamber coordination, it has no political significance, says Fdi’s Federico Mollicone, who was intercepted on the transatlantic near Montecitorio. Formally, a slightly modified text will be presented again, explains Mollicone.

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