Buy a scooter or an e-bike from Mediaworld and increase the value of your used vehicle!

Buy a scooter or an e-bike from Mediaworld and increase the value of your used vehicle!

If you want to get rid of yours electric scooter or bicycle and upgrade to a more advanced model with greater autonomy and additional features, media world offers a simple and convenient way to do this. It only takes four simple steps to get one Valuation up to 250 euros for your used ecological vehicle, so you can also save money when buying a new model.

The initiative, valid until June 30this aimed primarily at those who want to travel ecologically and with one state-of-the-art vehicle during the summer season. In order to ensure a smooth process, some requirements must be met. First of all, your scooter or electric bike must comply with Italian regulations, have the original firmware and be intact with no obvious dents.

The value of your used car depends on the expenses you make to buy the new model and is divided into three categories: If the new model is between €249.00 and €748.99, you receive a rating of 100 euros; If the price of the new model is between €750.00 and €999.99, you will receive a rating of 200 euros; If the price exceeds 1,000 euros, you will receive a valuation of 250 euro.

As expected, it only requires four steps that take very little time. The first is to buy a new scooter or electric bike, choosing from the numerous models on Mediaworld, many of which are currently on sale at a reduced price. The second step is to register the purchase on the Change4new website within 15 days, then wait for confirmation and book collection of your used car. Afterward You will receive the transfer of the corresponding value from OPIAwho will manage this initiative.

So why not take the opportunity and buy this? i-Bike Bear ITA99now you can take it home with you for only €799.99 instead of €1,299.99? The wheels on this electric bike take the mountain bike experience to the next level. With wide-profile tires, this model allows you to tackle difficult terrain such as snow, mud or sand with surprising grip and stability. The suspension fork ensures a comfortable ride even on the most impassable terrain, while the 6 speed transmission gives you the flexibility to customize the equipment to suit your needs.

The disc brakes guarantee a decisive braking reaction, regardless of the weather conditions. With a compact design and a quick folding systemThis bike allows you to easily transport it wherever you want, making it perfect for city adventures or trips into the countryside. In short, a lot of things, but as mentioned before, you can buy the vehicle that best suits your needs.

However, we need to forward it directly to you Mediaworld page dedicated to this initiativeand reiterated the invitation to seize this opportunity.

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