Can you die from stress?

Can you die from stress?

If we ask someone if they are stressed, 90% of the time the answer will be yes. However, it is not easy to say how many people in Italy suffer from this condition. The statistics available are not always reliable and there is a risk of getting confused when looking for an attractive title. However, the question is very serious: In France, recognition is even being considered burnout as an occupational disease, why Stress can kill you in the long run.

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There is also positive stress

Let’s start by classifying the loads. «There is a good that pushes us to do good and grow (eustress) and then there is this negative (despair) which consumes psychophysical resources. There is acute but temporary stress and chronic stress,” explains the doctor Michael CanilNeuropsychologist and Psychotherapist.

It is the body’s response to any negative stimulus

Stress is the body’s response to any negative stimulus. Quite literally, the term denotes the maximum twist a cable can achieve before snapping, an image that gives an idea of ​​how much it can hurt, but also how much it can help withstand the most demanding situations. Indeed, if they were not there, people would not be aroused to react and would live in a state of perpetual apathy. Here because short-term stresswhich the individual can cope with on his own, It helps the person grow and develop greater resilience.

Chronic stress can impair well-being

Intense and chronic stress can affect well-being. “When the organism is confronted with an adverse stimulus sets off some kind of alarm. Physiological responses are controlled by a complex neuroendocrine mechanism that produces components like this cortisol (known as the “stress hormone”), adrenaline and norepinephrine, the one stimulating effect on the organism,” the expert continues.

Who are the people most exposed to stress?

Among the people who are exposed to the most stress are certainly those doctors She nurseswho have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, but so do I Manager by large companies, which are always under great pressure. “I am one of the categories most affected by burnout, the state of psychophysical exhaustion that is detrimental to health. If the stress is very intense and lasts for a long period of time, feelings of helplessness, anxiety and depressive experiences can arise, but also aggression, anger and nervousness,” explains Canil.

Negative effects on intestines, sleep and vision

What are the negative effects of stress on physical well-being? Sometimes they are affected the gut and the stomach. In other cases it is accented hair loss. It can also rarely be involved view. This ranges from inflammation-related redness, twitching of the eyelid to diseases such glaucoma or serous maculopathy. The retinal tissue is very delicate and plays an important role in controlling sensations Blur and visual fatigue.

The consequences for the immune system

Intense stress has negative effects on the immune system and health. This is done, for example, by producing hypertensionwhich in turn increases the risk Heart attack, stroke and issues affecting different bodies (e.g. i kidneys) to causation in extreme cases Death. Acute or chronic stress also increases the likelihood of developing mental pathologies such as Post Traumatic Disorder which may result in accident or voluntary injury.

Can you die from stress?

The question is also confirmed by a recent UK study sponsored by Scottish Dementia Clinical Research Network. According to the analysis, stress increases wear and tear and reduces the body’s defenses to the point of performance hasten the road to death. Although to different degrees, anxiety and depression impact cardiovascular disease and cancer deaths, and even indirectly lead to self-injurious behaviors, such as self-injury drug and alcohol abuse.

Here’s how to keep stress at bay

When we feel pressure, we have to do it cultivate trust and develop the belief that you can get through difficult times. “Given the difficulties, we must maintain one mindful attitude, act within our means and look at problems from new perspectives. Accept what we cannot change and focus on what is within our control. There is no point in constantly complaining: a rational attitude is almost always the best way to approach problems, but we can try meditation.

Asking for help is important

Remember that it is normal feel become angry, stressed or frustrated and when we feel that our resources are not sufficient to endure the situation, it is good not to withdraw into ourselves. The most important is Talk to people you trust Who can help? Friendsfamily and possibly also psychotherapists Who will be able to provide the right tools to deal with the situation that is putting us under stress?

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