Cancer Patient’s Day: Why are we talking about oblivion?

Cancer Patient’s Day: Why are we talking about oblivion?

Spain will have a law on this by Juneoncological oblivion. This was announced by the Prime Minister. Practical there is no obligation to report cancerwhen we enter into certain contracts, particularly those related to mortgage and insurance applications. It is already a reality in other European countries. Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal have a law that allows those who have recovered from cancer to exercise this right. A resolution of the European Parliament recommends that all member states adopt rules on oncological forgetting.

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OROncological Bliss: Enough to say that it is an incurable disease

In Italy there is a bipartisan bill, but it was never planned. The Spanish Prime Minister explained that there was no point in being punished with even more onerous conditions after such a serious illness.

The new report on the condition of cancer patients

He intervened in this matter Francis DeLorenzo, President of the Italian Federation of Voluntary Associations in Oncology. On the occasion of World Cancer Day, Favo presented the 15. Report on the condition of patients in Italy. For De Lorenzo, we need to stop calling cancer “incurable” because it isn’t. We know that several types of cancer, when caught early, are now affected very high survival rateseven by 90 percent.

De Lorenzo goes on to say that since a tumor has been cured, a law on the right to be forgotten is also needed in Italy. With the current rules, they are still considered to be at risk and therefore face considerable difficulties, for example when taking out a mortgage.

What is oncological forgetfulness?

This concerns the right of patients who have recovered from cancer not to provide any further information about the disease they have survived. In Italy, information is currently requested in contracts for a loan or insurance request, but also during a job interview.

How is the situation in Italy?

As I said, there is a parliamentary bill for this right in the Senate, which was tabled in the last legislative period. It is signed by Lorenzo Guerini from the Democratic Party, Maria Elena Boschi from Italia Viva and Cristina Rossello from Forza Italia, among others. The text calls for “the right of people living with cancer not to suffer discrimination in access to child adoption, banking and insurance services” if ten years have passed without a recurrence.

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