Bill Gates on the opportunity of oil in the energy transition

The accomplishments of tech billionaire Bill Gates are well known, whether it’s helping build a tech giant at Microsoft or his efforts to improve global health through his foundation. Yet the challenge of climate change can seem daunting, even to him. Gates has spent the last few years examining how difficult the battle will be and admits that “it’s going […]

From enclosures to planters, this online store only sells items made in part from captured CO2

A wide range of eco-friendly products already exist, but a new Calgary-based online store now offers items made, in part, from greenhouse gas emissions. Expedition Air sells an assortment of items made from carbon dioxide, including concrete planters, yoga mats, colored pencils and paints. Officials at the new company admit that buying a bar of soap or a pen won’t […]

The optimism paradox: why the good news rocked the markets

The first signs that the world is winning the battle against COVID-19 have sparked good news for the global economy as the number of vaccinated increases the death rate decreases. Once stores and factories reopen, once people trapped in working from home are finally free to spend on dining and travel, sharing savings they couldn’t spend during the lockdown , […]

Sale to cosmetics giant Estée Lauder wonders if Toronto’s Deciem will change its foundation

Skincare business Deciem’s ​​slogan, The Abnormal Beauty Company, emphasizes its niche in the cosmetics world. And following a $ 2.2 billion deal this week, some are wondering if the startup will maintain its unique reputation. Founded in Toronto in 2013, Deciem Beauty Group Inc. presents itself as atypical, even though its famous skin care brand is called The Ordinary. Unlike […]

Australia’s stalemate with Facebook has lessons for Canada, publisher says

Canada should quickly pass legislation to force Facebook and Google to pay for news content, because it was only when Australia started to act that the digital giants responded with deals, the digital giants said. head of the association representing the Canadian news media industry. “If these companies only act after legislation is imminent, we would like to see it […]

Bell CEO’s connected chalet sparks the urge for bandwidth

In the municipality of Lac-Sainte-Marie, Quebec, about an hour’s drive north of Ottawa, one of the easiest ways to disturb local residents is to ask them about their internet connection. Whether it’s wireless services, satellite providers, or copper lines, the usual answer is that working outside the home, taking online classes, or watching movies is a frustrating task – and […]