Drugs for insomnia shorten life by five years

What are the effects of sleeping pills about longevity? More than five years shorter life expectancy for those who take sleeping pills than for those who don’t. The shocking news is contained in an extensive analysis that processed data from almost half a million people. The risk of premature death increases by 55 percent. You can read the results of […]

Can you die from stress?

If we ask someone if they are stressed, 90% of the time the answer will be yes. However, it is not easy to say how many people in Italy suffer from this condition. The statistics available are not always reliable and there is a risk of getting confused when looking for an attractive title. However, the question is very serious: […]

Greek Yogurt or Plain Yogurt: Which is Better?

What are the Differences between Greek yogurt and regular yogurt? Let’s say right away, the big difference is in the creaminess, which is much more pronounced in the normal variant, simply because of the larger proportion of water. This larger water content leads to the main differences between the two products. Both are created by the fermentation of milk, which, […]

Multiple sclerosis: here are all the symptoms

There multiple sclerosis is a chronic neurodegenerative disease characterized by an atypical immune response against some components of the central nervous system that are mistaken for “enemies”. This autoimmune inflammatory process can worsen and cause damage myelini.e. the sheath that wraps around the nerve fibers, creating the demyelination. In this article How many types of multiple sclerosis are there? Essentially […]

Artificial intelligence discovers a new antibiotic

L’Artificial intelligence discovers a new antibiotic. Thanks to artificial intelligence, a novel antibiotic against an antibiotic-resistant bacterium has been discovered. The news comes from a major Canadian research center. The results can be read in the specialist journal natural chemical biology. The World Health Organization recognizes thisantibiotic resistance as one of the biggest problems worldwide. This problem is particularly felt […]

Rosemary Water for Hair Growth: Does it Really Work?

Inexpensive, easy to prepare and completely natural: thatrosemary water It seems to be a revolutionary hair care product. It gained popularity thanks tick tockwhere many users have reported noticing one increased hair growth since they use it. But is it just a beauty trend or does it actually have extraordinary properties? We asked Mariuccia BucciDermatologist and President of ISPLAD (International-Italian […]

Assertive Communication: Why Practice It In Life And At Work?

There quality of our life it also largely depends on how we manage it live with other people and build relationships with them. Each of us has a different communication style characterized by different strengths and weaknesses. Regardless of your profession, improving your communication skills will have a positive impact on the way you go about your everyday life. Between […]

Cancer Patient’s Day: Why are we talking about oblivion?

Spain will have a law on this by Juneoncological oblivion. This was announced by the Prime Minister. Practical there is no obligation to report cancerwhen we enter into certain contracts, particularly those related to mortgage and insurance applications. It is already a reality in other European countries. Belgium, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Portugal have a law that allows those […]

Anemia caused by chronic kidney failure: New therapy is coming |

The Italian Medicines Agency has a new therapy for anemia associated with kidney failure chronic. It’s about Roxadustat, the first orally administered inhibitor of hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF) prolyl hydroxylase (PH). It is a new class of drugs for adult patients with symptomatic anemia associated with chronic kidney disease. In this article What are the main symptoms? The main symptoms are […]

Voluntary celibacy: Why do young people choose not to have sex?

Sexual abstinence can be due to external factors or force majeure, but sometimes it is the result of a real choice that affects both men and women. The voluntary celibacy is on the rise among young people and the day #voluntarycelibacy on TikTok it has millions of views. What are the reasons for the phenomenon? We spoke to about it […]