Moderna didn’t break vaccine contract despite repeated delivery issues: Anand

Moderna has not violated its contractual obligations with Canada, Supply Minister Anita Anand said, despite continued setbacks on promised COVID-19 vaccine deliveries to that country. “There has been no breach of contract at this stage, and indeed strong relationships with our suppliers [have] has been fundamental to ensuring that we have already accelerated 22 million doses quarter to quarter, ”Anand […]

Here is – again – why British Columbia is not considering increasing restrictions soon

Weeks after the start of BC’s third wave, with around 1,000 cases still a day and hospitalizations still hitting new heights every day, some would like the government to do more. “It seems that the government is reacting quite passively,” said Green Party leader Sonia Furstenau. A week after the government put in place new restrictions on indoor dining and […]

Moderna to cut vaccine shipments in Canada

Moderna will send significantly fewer COVID-19 snapshots to Canada this month than originally planned as the company grapples with production issues at its facilities in Europe, Public Services and Procurement Minister Anita said. Anand, on CBC News Friday morning. The company was set to ship an additional 1.2 million doses to Canada this month, but that shipment has been reduced […]

Canadian Medical Association launches ‘urgent’ call for unprecedented action to fight pandemic

The Canadian Medical Association (CMA) has launched a plea for a number of “unprecedented” measures to deal with the rising number of COVID-19 in many provinces across the country. In a press release on Friday, the CMA said it wants national resource pooling, national collaboration between provinces and territories and more restrictive public health measures. “The CMA calls for provincial […]

Health Canada Says People Should Not Be Shy About Getting AstraZeneca Vaccine After Safety Review

Following reports of rare blood clotting events in some who have received the AstraZeneca vaccine, Health Canada officials today said they still believe the product to be safe – and Canadians should not hesitate to roll up their sleeves when the time comes. Speaking to reporters at a technical briefing, Dr Supriya Sharma, Chief Medical Advisor for Health Canada, said […]

Canada confirms first case of rare blood clot after AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

The first confirmed case of a disease that causes rare but potentially fatal blood clots has been recorded in Canada in connection with the AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine. The Quebec Department of Health and Social Services has confirmed that a person in the province has a case of the bleeding disease known as vaccine-induced prothrombotic immune thrombocytopenia (VIPIT). The ministry did […]

The tiny kingdom of Bhutan vaccinates 93% of adults in 16 days

Plotted on a graph, the curve of Bhutan’s COVID-19 vaccination campaign increases from day one, crossing Israel, the United States, Bahrain and other countries known to vaccinate people quickly. These countries have taken months to get to where they are, painstakingly stepping up their vaccination campaigns in the face of increasing coronavirus cases. But the story of Bhutan’s vaccination campaign […]