Transmission of Omicron is decreasing in British Columbia, modeling shows – but hospitalizations have yet to peak

Modeling shows that community spread of the highly transmissible variant of Omicron is declining, according to the BC government, but the province is not yet off the hook. Health officials presented the latest COVID-19 modeling projections at a news conference on Friday. Data shows that community transmission has declined so far in the Vancouver Coastal Health, Fraser Health and Island […]

New Findings ‘Strongly Suggest’ Epstein-Barr Virus May Help Trigger Multiple Sclerosis

There is new evidence that one of the most common viruses in the world could cause some people to develop multiple sclerosis (MS). The potentially crippling disease occurs when cells of the immune system mistakenly attack the protective covering of nerve fibres, gradually eroding them. Epstein-Barr virus, a common human herpes virus, has long been suspected of playing a role […]

Quebec’s unvaccinated need education – not a tax, advocates say

Last year, Stella Bailakis was on a mission to vaccinate others in her neighborhood against COVID-19. She volunteered for Parc-Extension District Table, go door-to-door to provide information and answer questions. And his efforts paid off. “The people of this region speak different languages,” Bailakis said. “Most of them listen to the news in their country. Once you get a chance […]

Quebec recommends the 3rd dose for those who have recently contracted COVID-19

Quebecers who have recently contracted COVID-19 will be able to get their third dose as soon as they are asymptomatic, the government announced on Wednesday. Following a recommendation from Quebec’s Public Health, the province said anyone who wants to receive a booster, including those who have recently had COVID-19, should be able to get one “as soon as possible” to […]

More asymptomatic infections linked to Omicron, South African studies suggest

Preliminary results from two South African clinical trials suggest that the Omicron coronavirus variant has a much higher rate of “asymptomatic carriage” than previous variants, which could explain why it has spread so rapidly across the world. The studies found that a much larger number of people tested positive for the coronavirus but had no symptoms compared to previous trials. […]

Coronavirus: What’s Happening in Canada and Around the World Tuesday

The last: The Premier of Quebec, François Legault, will hold a press conference this afternoon to address the resignation of the provincial director of public health. Dr Horacio Arruda, a key leader in the province’s pandemic response, tendered his resignation on Monday, and Legault’s office told The Canadian Press that the premier had accepted it. Legault is expected to speak […]

The rapid spread of Omicron could strengthen our collective immunity to COVID-19. But at what cost ?

It feels like everyone knows someone who has Omicron. Maybe you got it, or your friend did. Maybe your workplace is in an epidemic. Or you saw on the news that another celebrity, athlete, or politician tested positive. There is this growing feeling that catching the Omicron variant of the coronavirus is inevitable, perhaps even welcome – as if, after […]