The LILA test week is upon us |

Free test for sexually transmitted diseases. LILA testing week runs May 15-24: an opportunity for early detection of HIV, hepatitis viral and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The goal of this initiative, of course, is to raise awareness of the importance of getting tested to keep your sexual health under control. It is also the best way to avoid or […]

Incel: Men who hate women (because they can’t “get” them)

The term incel represents the union of the first letters of the words involuntarily And celibacy (involuntary celibacy) and mainly, but not exclusively, identifies straight men who believe they are unable to develop sexual and romantic relationships with a woman but believe their right to sex has been unjustly violated. This term was coined in 1993 by a student whose […]

4 signs it can cost you a lot when you’re under 50 |

What are the Colorectal cancer symptoms in young people? In recent years diagnoses for this cancer they doubled in people under 50. The data comes from the American Cancer Society, which asked all health care facilities to anticipate this routine exams for the 45-year-olds and no longer 50-year-olds. In this article Early diagnosis makes this cancer easily treatable That is […]

aromatic herbs are back to help research |

Francesca Romana Barberini The aromatic herbs from Aism to support the research, they will be in practically every Italian city. We also find lemon-flavored thyme, marjoram, rosemary, sage and oregano. Find out where to find AISM volunteers here. A donation of 10 euros is sufficient. The funds collected with AISM’s aromatic herbs will help people with multiple sclerosis and scientific […]

Telethon’s cookie hearts against rare genetic diseases |

come back Telethon’s Io per Lei campaign dedicated to mothers of children with a rare genetic disease. Just buy those cookie hearts to support the scientific research of the Telethon Foundation, created just thirty years ago thanks to the appeal of a group of mothers from the Italian Union to fight against muscular dystrophy. The protagonists of this year’s campaign […]

Work: 8 films that make you think about toxic environments, precariousness and hyperproductivity

In the cinema, from its beginnings to today, the world of Work watched several times. In particular, their effects on private life have played an important role in the narrated events. A situation that today is increasingly upset and keeps recurring, so much so that, according to the Censis Eudaimon report on corporate wellbeing, almost half of Italian workers would […]

Is gonorrhea also transmitted when kissing?

There Gonorrhea is transmitted through kissing. The scientists’ concern comes after the dissemination of a study by Australia’s Sexual Health Center of Melbourne. For decades, doctors said they were convinced the bacterium couldn’t be transmitted through deep kissing, only through unprotected sex. The researchers are now calling for the guidelines of international societies dealing with sexually transmitted diseases to be […]

Barbie launches the first Down Syndrome doll

An icon is not a static and impossible-to-achieve model, but can evolve according to society. The most famous doll in the world teaches us that it inspires us to break with stereotypes more and more: the first has hit the market Barbie with Down syndrom. In this article Barbie is not just a game Through play, children shape their imagination […]