Work: 8 films that make you think about toxic environments, precariousness and hyperproductivity

In the cinema, from its beginnings to today, the world of Work watched several times. In particular, their effects on private life have played an important role in the narrated events. A situation that today is increasingly upset and keeps recurring, so much so that, according to the Censis Eudaimon report on corporate wellbeing, almost half of Italian workers would […]

Is gonorrhea also transmitted when kissing?

There Gonorrhea is transmitted through kissing. The scientists’ concern comes after the dissemination of a study by Australia’s Sexual Health Center of Melbourne. For decades, doctors said they were convinced the bacterium couldn’t be transmitted through deep kissing, only through unprotected sex. The researchers are now calling for the guidelines of international societies dealing with sexually transmitted diseases to be […]

Barbie launches the first Down Syndrome doll

An icon is not a static and impossible-to-achieve model, but can evolve according to society. The most famous doll in the world teaches us that it inspires us to break with stereotypes more and more: the first has hit the market Barbie with Down syndrom. In this article Barbie is not just a game Through play, children shape their imagination […]

Vegetable “milk”: which one to choose? | Humanitas health

In recent years, the herbal drinks (usually, albeit erroneously, calls plant-based milk) are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to cow’s milk. These products are made from plant-based sources such as nuts, seeds, grains and legumes and are often chosen for health, ethical or environmental reasons. Using plant-based drinks has been promoted as a solution for people who are Lactose […]

Aging hands: symptoms and remedies

Many people work hard to look younger, but often they neglect their handswho are most exposed to the sun and other harmful elements. How can we properly care for them and, why not, make them look “younger”? We’ll talk to the doctor about it Maria Antonella SpurioDermatologist in the center Humanitas Medical Care of Monza. What are the symptoms of […]

When to the urologist?

L’urologist is a specialized doctor who deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the problems associated with it urinary tract male and female e reproductive organs masculine. But how to understand when it is necessary to make an appointment? dr talks about it. Roberto MusiUrologist and andrologist at the clinics of Humanitas medical care from Domodossola, Murat, De Angeli in […]

Why is tongue cleaning important?

Daily oral hygiene places great emphasis on proper cleaning of teeth to eliminate plaque and food debris, the main causes of oral diseases such as tooth decay and gingivitis. There tongue cleaning It’s equally important as it allows you to keep your mouth healthy and eliminate the bacteria that can build up on its surface. We’ll talk about it with […]

The first modified anti-dengue mosquito factory is born in Brazil –

From Christine Brown Mosquitoes are engineered with a bacterium that limits the insects’ ability to transmit the dengue virus: 5 billion are produced annually The ambitious goal: to build one mosquito factory modified in Brazil to protect the country from dengue disease (and others). The project was baptized Operation Wolbachia and was created by the World Mosquito Program (Wmp), a […]