Federal wage and rent subsidies extended through June

The federal government will extend two pandemic support programs that subsidize wages and rent to businesses until June as the country continues to fight the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. During a press conference in Ottawa today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy and the Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy will be maintained at their current […]

Trudeau says China fabricated charges for Canadian detainees after Meng’s arrest

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said today that China has concocted national security charges to pin Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig following the arrest of Huawei telecommunications executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver – making echoing an assertion by the Chinese ambassador that the cases are not linked. “It is evident that the two Michaels were arrested on trumped-up national security […]

National security watchdog says pandemic is slowing work

The physical distancing measures meant to keep Canadians safe during the pandemic have had unintended consequences for the people who monitor the nation’s spies: They cannot always access the classified information they need to do their jobs. The National Security and Intelligence Oversight Agency (NSIRA), the oversight body set up to monitor the activities of Canada’s national security and intelligence […]

Canada calls for green energy exemption from Biden’s U.S. purchasing policies

With the prospect of a blanket exemption from US purchasing policies now looking unlikely, Canada is seeking a deal that would allow Canadian companies to participate in the Biden administration’s green energy campaign, Canada’s chief negotiator said . “The prospect of obtaining a complete exemption from the Buy America provisions is something that is unlikely to be politically possible in […]

Federal NDP unveils election-style pledges to support small business during pandemic

Jagmeet Singh promises that an NDP federal government would provide more support for struggling small businesses during the pandemic – including a federal bonus for companies that hire new employees or bring back laid-off people. Singh unveiled the pledges at a campaign-style event in British Columbia today, less than a week after saying New Democrats would not call an election […]

Canada’s chief science adviser issues warning about British Columbia’s ‘experiment’ with vaccine schedule

British Columbia’s decision to extend the interval between the first and second dose of three different vaccines to four months is tantamount to a “population-level experiment,” said Mona Nemer, Chief Science Officer of Canada . “I think it is possible to do it. But it currently equates to an experiment basically at the population level. And I think it needs […]

Federal government takes action to address threats to the security of the Canadian economy

The Trudeau government continues its efforts to counter economic threats to national security, such as the theft of valuable intellectual property and damage to critical energy and information networks. In its new plan released for the coming year, Public Safety Canada says it will lead the government-wide development of a comprehensive framework to address a wide range of risks to […]

Obstacles persist in Canada-U.S. Relations despite week of renewed commitments

Challenges remain for Canada-US relations despite several days of bilateral meetings between the two countries on their common priorities and their close ties as long-standing allies. During what Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland dubbed “Canada-U.S. Week,” leaders and officials touted shared commitments to tackle climate change, recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and secure the release of Canadians detained in China […]