Roman greeting at the June 2nd parade and La Russa smiles, the video

The author on Instagram shared on Instagram an excerpt from yesterday’s event, June 2nd, denouncing what had happened. However, military sources dispute this. “Enter the parade with the Roman salute“. It’s the writing that appears over a video the author posted to Instagram today Michelle Murgia at the fashion show at the Fori Imperiali for the day of the Republic. […]

head of state? I was just saying that chasing revenue isn’t about fighting tax evasion, it’s wrong

“I’m afraid you didn’t make it. I’ve talked about how instead of fighting tax evasion, the state is looking for revenue. That’s wrong for me,” said Giorgia Meloni, speaking to journalists on the sidelines of the June 2 celebrations and answering a question from about her statements at the “Pizzo di Stato”. by Marco Billeci and Annalisa Girardi At […]

What happens when quota 103 expires, the knots to untie?

Pensions, the latest news A Social Expenditure Observatory will be set up in the Ministry of Labour, which will be tasked with examining possible interventions for pension reform once quota 103 has expired. Turn on notifications to get updates Pensions, the latest news Not only the tax reform: At the trade union meeting in the Palazzo Chigi, the government also […]

The right to study must not lie in the hands of the private sector

In an interview with, MP Antonio Caso explained the content of a motion by the M5 that proposes concrete solutions to parliament and the government to combat high rents. The deputy of the M5S Anthony case illustrates to the content of an application on the subject high rent, which mainly affects the accommodation of external students, but not […]

Rally of the right in Catania live on Rai, vigilance: possible violation, we will assess it

The rally marking the end of the centre-right election campaign, which was also attended by leading politicians such as Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini, was broadcast live on RaiNews24. According to the Rai Oversight Commission, there could be a breach of public service rules. The closure of centre-right election campaign in Catania it ends in Rai Surveillance. The rally in […]

He’s not mad at me when he talks about ethnicity

The Minister for Food Sovereignty, who had recently spoken several times about “ethnic substitution” and “protection of the Italian community”, did not want to answer the words of the President of the Republic and denied that he was referring to him. The President MattarellaWhen he said that we must stop talking about ethnic groups and protect all people, he was […]

Confidence in Giorgia Meloni is growing

All centre-right parties are growing and confidence in Giorgia Meloni is growing. This is the result of a survey by Termometro Politico. There are now ten points between Schlein and Meloni. There are ten points between Elly Schlein’s Democratic Party and Giorgia Meloni’s brothers in Italy. This is evident from the political thermometer’s electoral intentions, which show growing confidence in […]