Climate change is not man’s fault

Defense Minister Guido Crosetto shared on his Twitter profile a speech by Franco Prodi, a physicist often quoted by climate deniers. Prodi says in the video during a discussion about the floods in Emilia-Romagna that climate change depends on the sun and attacks the latest generation of activists. “I am not denying climate change“, just that”It cannot be there because […]

Day against homophobia, which is written in Minister Valditara’s circular to schools

The school must get involved every day in the “fight against discrimination and in the fight against all forms of bullying and violence,” writes Minister Giuseppe Valditara in the circular sent to schools on the day against homotransphobia. Sergio Mattarella also sent a message in which he described homophobia as “an intolerable social scourge”. The circular from the Minister of […]

Luigi Di Maio has been officially appointed EU Special Envoy for the Persian Gulf

The former foreign minister received the official appointment at the suggestion of High Commissioner Borrell: Luigi Di Maio is the EU’s special envoy in the Persian Gulf. Now it is official: Louis DiMaio He is the European Union’s Special Envoy for the Persian Gulf. The former foreign minister, who was nominated by EU High Representative Josep Borrell, received final approval […]

Not enough is said about the scandal surrounding the lists of soldiers in the May 14-15 local elections

Turn on notifications to get updates Local Elections 2023 Another round, another run. Also in the administrative elections on May 14th and 15th, 2023, tens of thousands of Italians will have the opportunity to experience how hateful and unjust some privileges can be. Or rather, how the distortions of interpretation of even untouchable laws undermine the bond of trust between […]

Confindustria is also calling on the Meloni government to structure the reduction in taxes and duties

The reduction in taxes and duties must also be maintained in 2024 and implemented structurally. This is Confindustria’s motion, called for a hearing before the Chamber’s Finance Committee to comment on the government’s tax delegation. Currently, the cut is only expected to last until the end of 2023. “In order to support domestic demand, which is strategic for our country’s […]

Measures for 2024

Deputy Business Secretary Leo confirms the government’s intention is to structurally cut the additional tax burden introduced by the Labor Decree. The government authorized the Labor Decree a lower the control wedge by 4 percentage points, but the measure is scheduled: It will take place in July and will last 6 months. However, the executive is convinced that it can […]

the government convenes the warning commission

The Rapid Alert Commission was convened to monitor prices: Pasta prices have risen 17.5% in a year, while the cost of wheat has fallen. For industry companies, the reason is that the pasta that’s on the shelves now was produced months ago when wheat and energy were more expensive. In March 2023, the average price of pasta was higher 17.5% […]

Political polls, confidence in Giorgia Meloni rises but Fratelli d’Italia remains below 30%

According to the latest poll by Termometro Politico, voters’ confidence in Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni goes back. But his party, the Brothers of Italy, remains below 30%. Confidence in Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is growing. A positive trend also reflected in Fratelli d’Italia, which is regaining support after a few weeks of downturn. And even if the 30 percent threshold […]