Technical, definition and 8K quality

There 8K technology guarantees a resolution that allows a very high resolution, about four times higher than that of the already advanced 4K technology. 8K was designed to offer a much more immersive view compared to what happened before; This is done by one better use of image processing technologies This allows for a more satisfying display even of lower […]

Amazon Finds: 7 travel products to buy right now!

TikTok is a constant source of inspiration when it comes to choosing new products to buy. In fact, thanks to the trend “Amazon Finds” you have the opportunity to discover many articles of different kinds, including some of the most interesting “must-haves”. to take with you on the go! In today’s article, we would like to assist you in choosing […]

Netalia: The public cloud accompanies the growth of companies and public administrations

2023 will be remembered as the year of the great migration to the cloud Public administrationalso represents a great opportunity for NataliaFirst Public Cloud Service Providers Italian. Although Netalia has been active since 2010, it has gradually matured in recent years and, on the one hand, guarantees the data sovereignty and on the other hand, the physical and legal domicile […]

Tears of the Kingdom | Complete walkthrough of the main story.

In Tears Of The Kingdom, as in Breath Of The Wild, the middle part from Link’s adventures is divided into several parallel storylines, each of which the player can travel at will. However The developers have created a guided tour If you follow it correctly, you can enjoy the main events of the story while unlocking the Topographic Towers, finding […]

Amazon Finds: 7 must-have products for Mother’s Day!

If you surf TikTok in your free time, you must have watched Amazon Finds videos at least once. These products, usually small and with a very affordable price, represent the very useful article for the homeas they offer mini-revolutions to daily routines, allowing you to save time or simplify some activities. We usually give you month-to-month advice on the most […]

Apple: Layoffs are the last resort

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, he explained From Do not plan mass layoffs. An attitude that is in stark contrast to other industry giants such as Meta, Microsoft, Amazon or Google. In the latter case, laying off 12,000 employees didn’t stop CEO Sundar Pichai from pocketing a $226 million bonus. “I see it that way the last resort and that’s […]

Come installare GCam (Google Camera) su tutti gli smartphone Android

Google Camera (GCAM) è probabilmente uno dei software per la fotocamera migliori per gli smartphone con sistema operativo Android. La prima versione dell’app è stata lanciata da Google 8 anni fa, precisamente il 16 aprile 2014, e inizialmente era scaricabile su tutti i dispositivi con Android 4.4 KitKat e versioni successive. Ora, invece, l’app è supportata ufficialmente solo dai dispositivi […]

Are the transistors of the future made of wood?

Some ideas are so original and unusual that the first question that comes to mind is something like but how the hell did he get that into his head. That’s what you might think, for example, when you read about the Swedish researchers who thought it was appropriate a wooden transistor. Yes, it’s strange, because first we had tubes, then […]