Come installare GCam (Google Camera) su tutti gli smartphone Android

Google Camera (GCAM) è probabilmente uno dei software per la fotocamera migliori per gli smartphone con sistema operativo Android. La prima versione dell’app è stata lanciata da Google 8 anni fa, precisamente il 16 aprile 2014, e inizialmente era scaricabile su tutti i dispositivi con Android 4.4 KitKat e versioni successive. Ora, invece, l’app è supportata ufficialmente solo dai dispositivi […]

Are the transistors of the future made of wood?

Some ideas are so original and unusual that the first question that comes to mind is something like but how the hell did he get that into his head. That’s what you might think, for example, when you read about the Swedish researchers who thought it was appropriate a wooden transistor. Yes, it’s strange, because first we had tubes, then […]

17% discount on Apple Mac Mini 2023! UNFORGETTABLE!

Are you looking for a new PC that lets you work and learn at lightning speed while taking up little space? In this case we can only recommend it Great Apple Mac Mini 2023Today reduced by over €150.00 at Amazon! In fact, you will be able to spend only €799.99 instead of €959.00 for the latest model of Apple mini […]