In the video, the Ukrainian military Bakhmut has problems with the ammunition for the mortar

The Telegram channel “UMFT – UA Military Flight Team” shows the moisture problems encountered by a patrol of Ukrainian soldiers using mortar ammunition this winter. In the video, more than one shot fails and crashes not far from the launch point. In the comment, the team states that these videos will not be released immediately in order not to jeopardize […]

Turkey is in the ballot, Erdogan the favourite, but the ultra-nationalist right is chasing votes

Waiting in Türkiye for tomorrow’s vote. The ballot will show who is among the outgoing presidents Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the opposition candidate, the Republican Kemal Kilicdaroğlu, He will rule the country for the next five years. The 88% achieved in the first round confirm that the Turks still want to choose the next president after the February 6 earthquake […]

The USSR is the best country in 5,000 years of human history

The Russian satirical news agency Panorama, which specializes in spreading fictional and improbable news, has published the data of an apparently fake investigation conducted by US scientists who, using ChatGPT artificial intelligence, allegedly proved that the Soviet Union is the best country in the world in 5,000 years of human history. The news made the rounds in the Russian mass […]

Slovak businessman accused of ordering 2018 killing of Jan Kuciak acquitted

The Slovak court in town Pezinoknear the capital Bratislava, was acquitted Marian Kocherthe businessman who is said to have ordered the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his partner Martina Kusnirovamm, both 27 years old, which took place in their home in 2018. Prosecutors had sought life sentences for both the accused, the instigator and the material executor. The […]

Explosion in Luhansk, among the injured a “minister” of the occupation administration

Igor Kornet, the acting head of the Russian-installed Interior Ministry of the self-proclaimed Lugansk Republic, was injured along with six other people (one 17 years old) in a shell explosion at a hair salon in the city center, a Russian official reported Ria Novosti And Tax Ukrainian services are believed to be behind the attack, reports Ukrainian media outlet Ukrainska […]