Store closure: Vancouver’s Chinatown battered by crime, COVID-19 and dirty streets

In its heyday, Vancouver’s Chinatown was a bustling neighborhood. It was a whirlwind of culture, commerce and community as Chinese bakeries, fresh produce markets and butcher shops were teeming with customers. But today the streets are mostly empty. There are almost as many planks of wood covering the windows as there are “open” neon signs. Vandalism and dirt are now […]

Support for essential workers could bring COVID-19 under control faster in Canada, doctors say

Doctors are calling for more support for essential workers facing ‘life and death’ inequalities, saying it would do more to control coronavirus outbreaks than high-profile punishments for those who break the rules. COVID-19 has exacerbated existing problems – not only among long-time residents who are most affected by the virus – but also for people struggling to survive despite frontline […]

Georgia launches criminal investigation into ‘attempts to influence’ US election following Trump call

A Georgia prosecutor’s office confirmed on Wednesday that it had opened a criminal investigation into “attempts to influence” the outcome of last year’s US general election. Officials haven’t mentioned former President Donald Trump by name, but Trump has come under heavy criticism for an appeal he made to the state’s top election official last month. Trump urged Secretary of State […]

‘Internet influencers, sports stars, musicians’ among victims of cryptocurrency hackers: Europol

Europol, the European police agency, said on Wednesday it had helped stop 10 hackers suspected of stealing US $ 100 million in cryptocurrency in “SIM swap” attacks that allowed suspects to access the phones of their victims. “The attacks orchestrated by this criminal gang have targeted thousands of victims throughout 2020, including famous internet influencers, sports stars, musicians and their […]

US authorities seize convoy bound for Florida, allegedly smuggled 270 kg of Canadian marijuana

U.S. authorities recently intercepted a convoy of late model pickup trucks pulling trailers in New York state with more than 270 kilograms of Canadian-grown marijuana bound for Florida, according to U.S. court documents. The February 5 bust was part of a multi-agency operation that included surveillance and wiretapping. The operation, led by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), tracked the […]

U.S. Alberta oil allies attempt long-term measures to build Keystone XL

This story is part of Watching Washington, a regular dispatch from CBC News correspondents who report on US politics and developments affecting Canadians. What’s up Some US politicians are still making long-drawn-out efforts to revive the Keystone XL pipeline project, canceled last month by President Joe Biden. On Tuesday alone, Biden received letters from different parties urging him to reconsider, […]