UAE and Israel have the fastest vaccination programs in the world – what can the West learn?

On December 19, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu smiled on live television as he received his first COVID-19 vaccine, marking the start of what would become the fastest vaccination campaign in the world. – But in the United Arab Emirates, the country’s health minister received his dose four months earlier after the Gulf country authorized emergency use of the Chinese-made […]

Unique challenges facing the black Muslim community warrant greater understanding and attention

This column is an opinion of Nimao Ali, a social justice activist who has advised law enforcement and the government on cultural awareness. She is a member of the board of directors of the Somerset West Community Health Center, a Muslim chaplain of Carleton University and director of the Abraar School of the Muslim Association of Canada in Ottawa. For […]

Trump’s defense begins pleading for acquittal of incitement to riot on Capitol Hill

Donald Trump’s defense attorneys began to argue in favor of the ex-president’s acquittal on Friday, calling it an act of “political revenge” and “sham indictment.” Michael van der Veen appeared to be following a two-pronged strategy at the start of his presentation on why Trump is not guilty of inciting last month’s deadly riot on Capitol Hill – focusing on […]

Teachers and education unions slam Ford government’s decision to delay March break

Some teachers and education unions are critical of the Ford government’s decision to postpone the March break this year as part of its efforts to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. Education Minister Stephen Lecce said on Thursday that postponing the break to the week of April 12 will help limit gatherings and travel that could fuel the transmission […]

Stranded Baffinland miners write open letter to protesters, claiming they support Inuit

CBC obtained an open letter from a “significant minority” of Mary River mine workers currently stranded in Nunavut by a protest, which says they recognize the Inuit as “rightful stewards of the land”. About 700 staff from the southern provinces have been stranded at the Nunavut mine site since a group of protesters staged a blockade last week, blocking roads […]

Trudeau’s criticism of Trump cited in US impeachment trial

This story is part of Watching Washington, a regular dispatch from CBC News correspondents who report on US politics and developments affecting Canadians. What’s up Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s critical comments on Donald Trump following the Jan.6 attack on Capitol Hill were on file during the former president’s impeachment trial. Democrats, urging the US Senate to condemn Trump for inciting […]