Chaos Def tries to minimize the majority by summoning the quorum

Chaos Def tries to minimize the majority by summoning the quorum

The majority admits that what happened in the chamber, where the figures were missing at the first attempt to approve the budget deviation, is very serious and apologizes to the citizens. But there are those who try to minimize by bringing quorum into play.

On the second try majority He listened to the figures and approved the related budget variance report def. However, there was no lack of reproaches and dissatisfaction in the chamber. The majority apologizes on the one hand, on the other hand tries to downplay what happened. In the words of the group leader of Fratelli d’Italia, Thomas Fotithe wrangling breaks out: he points his finger at the house rules, which he believes would be very difficult to achieve with the cuts in MPs quorum. It must be emphasized that this threshold has always remained the absolute majority, depending on the number of deputies: previously 316 and now 201.

However, Foti does not give up. And today he comes back to the question in the Tempo interview and does not hold back with criticism of the opposition. “On the need to review the quorum in the Chamber in view of the downsizing of MPs, the members of the Democratic Party took what I said in the Chamber as a fiasco. I don’t want to change anything, I don’t want it. I don’t want to cause controversy, I just raised a problem that could recur in the future with other political majorities“. But then he returns to apologize to the Italians and to the Prime Minister, who was in London to meet British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in all of this.

The Minister for Relations with Parliament, Luca Ciriani, in an interview with Corriere della Sera tried to tone it down. “It was impossible to imagine something like this happening. The MPs were notified by e-mail, via Whatsapp, in party chats, by group leaders, by departments. What happened can be guessed at: in contrast to the Senate, there is a feeling and now the habit of having a large majority in the chamber, which can lead to irresponsible behavior‘ he admits, stressing that this is a very serious matter for which there is no justification.

The majority goes under the chamber: the application for a budget deviation is rejected

And it says so The Prime Minister is very angry. “He works tirelessly for the country, he was in an important bilateral talk, these things are certainly not pleasant“.

However, the allegations from the opposition do not stop. “They have proven to be right-wingers impatient with democratic rules. Foti’s words are significant in that sense: they are the words of someone questioning the rules by which the budget variance is voted on, in short, they turn out to be standard Italian law, looking back on the past“, comments the leader of the Senate Democratic Party with La Stampa, Francesco Boccia.

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