Confidence in Giorgia Meloni is growing

Confidence in Giorgia Meloni is growing

All centre-right parties are growing and confidence in Giorgia Meloni is growing. This is the result of a survey by Termometro Politico. There are now ten points between Schlein and Meloni.

There are ten points between Elly Schlein’s Democratic Party and Giorgia Meloni’s brothers in Italy. This is evident from the political thermometer’s electoral intentions, which show growing confidence in the prime minister by all centre-right parties.

As for the majority brothers of Italy It clearly remains the first party in the country. Despite being below 30% for a few weeks, Meloni’s party is recovering in the polls, reaching 29.5%. The government’s most important allies, on the other hand, remain in the double digits: the league is 9.4% and come on italy at 7.6%. However, the stakes of both Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi are increasing.

Instead, in the area of ​​oppositions, we find the Democratic Party slightly bent. The political force led by Schlein is still at 19%, ten points behind the Italian brethren. Next the Five Star Movement it stands at 16%, just three points behind former allies in the Giallorossi government. However, after the break in the third pole action is 4% while Italy lives does not exceed the threshold.

Political polls, brothers of Italy down again, the Democratic Party is getting closer: the movement stable

Among the smaller political forces that would not enter parliament if we voted today, the party led by Matteo Renzi remains at 2.4%. Both lie ahead of herAlliance of the Greens and the Left The Italexitboth at 2.5%. +Europeis 2.2%.

Source: Political Thermometer However, when it comes to trust in Giorgia Meloni, 26.6% of respondents who took part in the Political Thermometer poll said they had a high level of trust. However, 18.3% said they had had enough. On the other hand, 13.6% answered that they had little trust in the Prime Minister and 40.9% that they had none at all. In any case, the overall proportion of voters who trust the head of government has risen: it is now 44.9 percent.

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