Conflict of justice, Nordio plays down the trial of his undersecretary of state Delmastro: a waste of time

Conflict of justice, Nordio plays down the trial of his undersecretary of state Delmastro: a waste of time

According to Justice Minister Carlo Nordio, the trial of his Undersecretary of State Andrea Delmastro will “break down” after the compulsory indictment. Meanwhile, the anti-mafia prosecutor Di Matteo is attacking the judicial reform: “It coincides with the subversive plan of the P2.” Yesterday Meloni met with Mattarella, also on these topics.

The Tensions between government and judiciary They show no signs of decreasing. A few days ago Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni reiterated that “there is no conflict with the judiciary”, but then called for the anonymous note from Palazzo Chigi accusing the judges of opposing the government. ANM President Giuseppe Santalucia replied that there had been a “step forward” but that the note contained “an allegation of unacceptable subversion”.

Yesterday, at a meeting in the Quirinale, Sergio Mattarella would have asked the Prime Minister for a softening after weeks of heated debate. The vice-president of the chamber, Giorgio Mulè, told Fanpage.it that politicians should not “knee down” before the judiciary. Among the cases worrying the government is the case of Undersecretary for Justice Andrea Delmaster, which received a mandatory charge of breach of official secrecy from the investigating judge. And the Minister of Justice, Carlo, intervened harshly here Nordius.

Nordio: “The Delmastro trial will fail. External competition? That has to be changed”

Nordio made conciliatory statements in Corriere della Sera (“I’ve been a judge for forty years and I still feel like one, love disputes are an integration of love”), but then explained that for Delmastro “the process” was it will turn into profits with wasted time and much suffering“. This is because the forced charge, d Explain the grounds for the charge. But what would the prosecutor do if he himself had asked for an acquittal? He certainly won’t be able to deny it,” concluded Nordio.

Conflict between government and judiciary, now Palazzo Chigi wants to accelerate judicial reform

The Minister also reiterated that the crime of External competition in the mafia association it is “an oxymoron” because “either you are external and therefore not competitors, or you are competitors and therefore not external”. The solution to avoid “extreme application uncertainty” would be to intervene “with an ad hoc rule”, since today there is not a single article of the penal code that provides for this crime, but it is “the result of a jurisprudential interpretation”. which combines Article 110 on the competition with Article 416 on the association. However, Nordio clarified, following the criticism leveled on this point in recent days, that changing the external contribution was “not part of the government program”.

Anti-mafia prosecutor Di Matteo: “Government follows the line of Berlusconi and the P2 lodge”

The executive branch will focus on other issues as it reforms the judiciary, from eliminating abuse of office to separating the careers of judges. But also strictly on the release of wiretapping and other aspects. The prosecutor of the National Anti-Mafia Prosecutor’s Office Nino DiMatteoto La Stampa, said that in the reforms of recent years (with Nordio, but also with former Minister Cartabia) there is “a long-term continuity within the program of the Berlusconi governments”, animated by “a desire”. to retaliation against a particular judiciary”.

Di Matteo explained that “The Cartabia and Nordio reforms go in the same direction. That is not to hasten justice, but to double it. And that these ideas correspond both with the first Berlusconi governments and “in some respects even with those that are quite relevant in terms of law and information”. Plan for the democratic revival of the P2 lodge“. To “change the independence of the judiciary, to control it directly and indirectly”.

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