Conservative government would conduct public inquiry into pandemic response, says O’Toole

Conservative government would conduct public inquiry into pandemic response, says O’Toole

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said today that a Conservative government will launch a public inquiry to examine the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At a press conference in Ottawa this morning, O’Toole said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government was caught “off guard” by COVID-19 and that its response to the spread of the pandemic has been “Slow and confused”.

O’Toole blamed the government, accusing it of ignoring warnings from scientists about the transmissibility of COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic, of allowing the national stockpile of personal protective equipment to run out and run out. quickly unload a key pandemic. Alarm system.

He said the government’s inability to get enough vaccines fast enough means Canada will experience a more severe third wave than some other countries.

“A public inquiry will ensure that all lessons learned from the crisis are released publicly and that improvements can be immediately adopted,” O’Toole said. “Canada needs to be better prepared for future threats. We cannot afford not to keep Canadians safe yet.

The call comes as many provinces tighten public health restrictions in response to the increase in the number of cases caused by what many experts are calling the “third wave” of the pandemic.

O’Toole said the investigation could be led by a prominent former judge or someone else who could operate “above any political fray.”

In the meantime, O’Toole said, a special comptroller from the Auditor General’s office should be appointed immediately to monitor the government’s response to the pandemic in real time.

“Appointing an instructor will ensure the ability to learn missteps in as close to real time as possible,” said O’Toole.

O’Toole also raised questions about Canada’s decision to lengthen the interval between the first and second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine due to supply shortages, accusing the Liberal government of “[forcing] an off-label dosage regimen. “

The move has been criticized by some scientists – including Canada’s chief scientific adviser – who argue that there is not enough data to show the degree of protection offered by a single dose during this extended period. But the recommendation was made by the National Advisory Committee on Immunization, which is an independent panel of experts that provides advice to the federal government on vaccine use – not the federal government.

Provincial health authorities make the final decisions on how to administer vaccines within their jurisdiction.

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