Conte says the government wants to start a war between workers by fomenting social unrest

Conte says the government wants to start a war between workers by fomenting social unrest

“Government wants to create war between workers by venting social uneasiness – says 5 Star Movement leader – on 1 June

A labor decree against the workers. The leader of the 5 Star Movement, Joseph Conte, lashes out at the Meloni government. Reason for the attack: the next legislative decree to be adopted in the Council of Ministers on Monday May 1st. Many measures are at stake: from the reform of the basic income to the extension of fixed-term employment contracts. The two flags of the Grillino party just mentioned are not surprising, first with the decree of dignity, then with the introduction of social assistance. On social media, Conte speaks of a government that has a “distorted vision“, The “wants to start a war between workers by fueling social unrest“, The “May Day celebrates Workers’ Day with a decree making workers more vulnerable and lonely in difficult times“. And he adds: “We will fight tirelessly against those who seek to trample on the constitutional dignity of work“.

In the election campaign in Orbassano in the province of Turin, Conte attacks again: “If the government wants to brag about convening the Council of Ministers on May 1, let it do so to approve the statutory minimum wage. Four and a half million workers continue with starvation wages of 2, 3, 4, 5 euros gross per hour. It’s a shame“The minimum wage, like stopping the extension of fixed-term contracts after the year and the basic income, have long been another banner of the 5-star movement.

The pentastellato leader stabs the def and relaunches: “They prepare the atrocities of the Council of Ministers on May Day, Labor Day. And they do it to dismantle the protection system that we introduced with the citizen income and to make the work even more precarious“. The bottom line is dry: “There is little to celebrate for the workers“.

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