Corsair: DDR5 and DDR4 RAM memory reduced by up to 30%!

Corsair: DDR5 and DDR4 RAM memory reduced by up to 30%!

If you want to increase the performance of your desktop or laptop PC, we inform you that in these hours you have the opportunity to purchase Corsair branded RAM memory kit at unprecedented prices! This is an excellent opportunity, especially considering Corsair is one of the most reputable brands in RAM memory and some of its components are currently on sale with discounts up to 30%.

As mentioned, there are also good options for those looking to improve their notebook’s performance, and that’s a good thing, since similar offerings usually only pertain to RAM banks for desktop computers. So we use it to report on it Corsair Vengeance SODIMM kits, consisting of 2 RAM banks with 8 GB each, i.e. 16 GB in total. It’s all about RAM DDR4 3200MHz CL22 with automatic overclocking support, a nice plus if your laptop is compatible.

If you purchase this kit before these offers expire, the cost will apply for only €42.99 instead of €61.08. Each module is made up of carefully selected DRAMs, ensuring optimal stability and reliability in the field, just as you would expect from Corsair components. The higher performance will be immediately apparent since No configuration is required in the BIOSbut just install the units and you’re done.

Those looking to improve the performance of their desktop instead might be interested in this Corsair CMK16GX4M2Z3600C18 kits, belongs to the manufacturer’s Vengeance LPX series. This kit always consists of two banks of 8 GB each and the typical reliability of the manufacturer. Each module is equipped with one Aluminum heatsinkdesigned to keep storage temperatures low even during intensive use.

These modules are then optimized to ensure maximum compatibility with Intel Z370 platforms, offers high frequencies, higher bandwidth and lower power consumption. Thanks to these features, you get high performance and optimal stability when gaming, multitasking or other memory-intensive applications, thereby increasing overall system performance.

However, we need to forward it directly to you Amazon page dedicated to these offersand reiterates the invitation to take advantage of these discounts, as we do not know what the stock of available products is.

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