Day against homophobia, which is written in Minister Valditara’s circular to schools

Day against homophobia, which is written in Minister Valditara’s circular to schools

The school must get involved every day in the “fight against discrimination and in the fight against all forms of bullying and violence,” writes Minister Giuseppe Valditara in the circular sent to schools on the day against homotransphobia. Sergio Mattarella also sent a message in which he described homophobia as “an intolerable social scourge”.

The circular from the Minister of Education, sent to schools on the occasion of the Day Against Homotransphobia, begins with a reference to Article Three of the Constitution, according to which all citizens have equal dignity, without distinction as to sex, race, language, religion, political opinion etc social circumstances. “Increasingly, the school must play a leading role in fostering a culture of respect so that not every student is left behind and can develop their personality and talents to the fullest“, he writes Joseph Vallettara.

Then to underline what this day is like:Established by a resolution of the European Parliament on April 26, 2007, it offers institutions, school staff and young people a moment of shared reflection on the constitutional values ​​of equality, the equal dignity of every human being and individual freedoms“. The minister says that the teachers are busy with it every day.”Fight against discrimination and fight against all forms of bullying and violence” And “in educating male and female students on respect for differences and the basic principles of civil coexistence“.

The circular goes on to say:the negative effects of homophobic bullying on the school career and the psychophysical health of the young victims“. And he adds: “The educational institutions in this field can, within the framework of their own teaching and organizational autonomy, carry out in-depth activities on topics related to discrimination, respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms“.

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Finally, I would like to thank all the schools for “Defending constitutional values ​​and democratic principles“.

Even the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella Today he has intervened to send a message against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia on this day, which he defines.an unbearable one The social plague is still present and cause of unacceptable discrimination and violence“. And he claims that the “Contrary to the numerous episodes of violence that continue to make the news, this cannot be the case stop”.

There must be a unanimous response of condemnation against the manifestations of intolerance that arise from disregard for the worth of every human being. It is the task of the institutions to develop effective prevention strategies that teach respect for diversity and, on the other hand, inclusion. The abuses, the violence, theintoleranceThey trample on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union and our Constitution, which, precisely in Article 3, recognizes the equal social dignity of all citizens, regardless of sex, and guarantees the full development of the human person” concludes Mattarella.

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