Deaths fell by 15% in men and 8% in women |

Deaths fell by 15% in men and 8% in women |

The Cancer deaths in Italy. Between 2011 and 2019, experts estimated a decline in cancer deaths that was well above the European average.

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Deaths from cancer in Italy: what the Lo So Anch’io initiative wants to tell

If in the 27 EU countries the decrease is -10% for men and -5% for women, In Italy, the percentage decrease is 15% of deaths in men and -10% in women. The results came from the presentation of the awareness campaign “i know it too“. It is an initiative that aims to report on the progress of scientific research against cancer. The campaign includes meetings in the squares, the presence of patients’ associations and the distribution of information material.

Cancer deaths in Italy fell, largely thanks to immuno-oncology

The excellent results are the result of immuno-oncology now being incorporated into the treatment protocol for various types of metastatic or high-risk tumors. The number of cancer deaths in Italy has decreased in several situations. We are talking about particularly insidious and widespread tumors such melanomaThe gastric tumor and all of that‘Colonbut also the lung cancer and the mesothelioma. Explaining the role of laboratory research is important to understanding the new frontiers in cancer treatment. We need new studies on the mechanisms of resistance to immunotherapy.

The History of Immuno-Oncology

The history of immuno-oncology is quite young. Ten years ago the science magazine Science placed this therapy at the top of the most important scientific discoveries of the year. In 1918, the Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine to scientists James Allison and Tasuku Honjo, the pioneers of this treatment. The next goal is to make immuno-oncology accessible to as many patients as possible in order to extend their life expectancy and improve their quality of life. Improving diagnostics is necessary to increase the effectiveness of therapies and to provide the right patient with the right therapy. Now the use of artificial intelligence in immuno-oncology represents a new frontier.

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