Do you want one of the best coffee makers?  Here it is, and today it’s 29% off!

Do you want one of the best coffee makers? Here it is, and today it’s 29% off!

Do you love coffee and want a better taste experience than conventional mocha? In this case, we recommend you to take advantage of the extraordinary offer of ePRICE spectacular Philips Series 2200 vending machine. At the moment you can even take them home with you incredible discount of almost 120 €.

Thanks to the promotion, you can get this beautiful top-of-the-range coffee machine for only €290.99 instead of €409.82 a saving of 29% for you. Truly a unique opportunity for a superb quality product that will allow you to match and even surpass the quality of coffee typically found in bars.

Philips Series 2200 EP2230 Philips Series 2200 EP2230

With the Philips Series 2200 machine you will prepare a coffee with an irresistible taste thanks to the Aroma Extract system the perfect balance between aroma extraction and brewing temperature, as well as automatically adjust the speed of the water flow. Finally, you can round off your coffee with a layer of smooth and full-bodied milk froth Great LatteGo featurewhich mixes milk and air at very high speed and then pours the delicious froth straight into your cup!

Accessing all of these functions is incredibly easy and quick via the touch display, allowing you to choose between these functions Espresso, long coffee and cappuccino. This allows you to customize the intensity and volume of your favorite drinks via the My Coffee Choice menu.

Also the automatic cleaning This also makes this process easier: the washing system is designed to ensure a long service life of the device without you having to make any effort. You will also be notified when it is time to descale. Finally, the milk system, the drip tray and the coffee grounds container can be cleaned in the dishwasher without hesitation.

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