Double discount on this great dash cam for your car!

Double discount on this great dash cam for your car!

You’ve been thinking about it for a long time buy a dash cam But you still haven’t found one at a really reasonable price? If you don’t want to wait for Prime Day in that case, we recommend checking out this double-discounted model on Amazon.

First of all, the dash cam is already suggested for only €79.99 Instead of €99.99, you only need a simple coupon an additional discount of 15€. An opportunity not to be missed while the promotion is on?

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We offer you a very high-resolution dash cam for your car, Equipped with a 1600P lens and 170 degree view°, as well as a sensor with excellent performance. Thanks to the large F2.0 aperture and 6 chips, you can clearly see the traffic signs around your vehicle day and night, including the number plates of other cars.

The dash cam also has a voice prompt that will inform you of the current status of the recorder with various messages. In the event of a collision that exceeds the set G-sensor value, The dash cam will automatically lock the video and save it in the folder of emergency events! Handy for unexpected events.

In addition, with the WiFi function and the Control via the JarvisCam app dedicated (available on the App Store or Google Play), you can manage the settings directly on your Android or iOS devices. You have the option to download the recorded videos directly to your smartphone in 1600P quality and easily share them with friends and family or on social media.

With this in mind, all we have to do is advise you to purchase the product and invite you to consult it Amazon page is dedicated to promoting and proposing too Complete your purchase as soon as possibleAt least before the offer expires.

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NB: We remind you to add the coupon to the cart to get the discount!

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