Eating too much fried food increases the risk of anxiety and depression

Eating too much fried food increases the risk of anxiety and depression

There is a Link between eating too much fried food and anxiety? Yes, according to a study by Zhejiang University in China. This is the largest study ever conducted on the subject. You can read the results in the specialist journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

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What is the link between eating too much fried food and anxiety? Here is the Chinese investigation

It’s not the first time an expert panel has looked into the effects of food on mental health. We know there are gods Foods that can help us and others that may aggravate the situation. Researchers analyzed data from more than 140,000 people to investigate why eating, or rather overeating, fried foods may have an impact on anxiety and mood disorders in general.

Association between eating too much fried food and anxiety: risk percentages

The research results leave no room for doubt. Habitual consumption of fried foods in general, and potato chips in particular, increases the risk of developing anxiety by 12% and the risk of developing symptoms of depression by 7%. Young people and men are most at risk. Responsible for these negative effects is theacrylamideone Substance produced at the high temperatures typical of frying. Several studies have underscored that this by-product of cooking processes has important health implications, particularly in relation to lipid metabolism. It is also responsible for an inflammatory condition in the brain.

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The researchers explained that taking acrylamide often changes the metabolism of sphingolipids and phospholipids. Both substances play an important role in the development of symptoms of anxiety and depression. The Panel confirmed that acrylamide promotes oxidative stress. that by increasing the neuroinflammation of the brainincreases the manifestations of anxiety and depression.

Acrylamide doesn’t just affect the brain. Scientific Studies have shown that it also has a negative effect on male reproduction and even increases the risk of developing kidney, ovarian and endometrial cancer.

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