Electric motorcycles with rocket launchers, the new toy for British soldiers

Electric motorcycles with rocket launchers, the new toy for British soldiers

British soldiers could get a new military vehicle, e.g Electric motorcycle with rocket launcher. Perhaps the novelty was inspired by the clash in Ukraine, where these vehicles proved particularly useful in repelling Russian tanks.

The news was announced by Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and Chief of Defense Staff Admiral Sir Tony Radakin as they launched a review of the UK’s military tactics and spending priorities.

Delfast electric bikes, made locally in Ukraine and equipped with functional pedals that allow to increase their autonomy, serve as a model over 320km. They can also be used as true electric motorcycles that rely solely on the motor. They offer performance that doesn’t seem too far removed from that of electric motocross bikes.

Motorbike with rocket launcher

When used with the motor there’s the classic manual throttle, and at that point the pedals become footrests, with a more stable setting for rough terrain. The maximum speed is 80 km/h.

The motorcycles used by the Ukrainian military were modified for this Carry NLAW missilesor Next-generation light anti-tank weapons, specially designed to allow a single operator to destroy an enemy tank. Weighing only 12.5 kg, it’s an easy-to-transport weapon, but of course it’s even easier and faster with an electric bike.

Other militaries around the world are also testing or have introduced similar means, including the United States, New Zealand, Norway, Australia and other countries. There were also paratroopers who even did that Electric dirt bikes without a hook on the battlefield.

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