Esselunga, maximum seizure of 48 million euros in a tax fraud investigation –

Esselunga, maximum seizure of 48 million euros in a tax fraud investigation –

The financiers of the Milan Provincial Command are implementing an emergency seizure order issued by the Milan Public Prosecutor’s Office against Esselunga for a total of 47,765,684.45 euros. According to the investigations carried out by the Milan Economic and Financial Police, in collaboration with the Department for Combating Illegal Illegal Actions of the Agency of Revenue, a complex tax fraud would have been committed, characterized by the use by the final beneficiary of The illegal mechanism to issue invoices for legally non-existent activities and to sign fictitious tender contracts for the provision of labor, in violation of industry regulations, resulting in the issuance and subsequent use of non-existent invoices for a total of more than $100,000 221 million euros, plus VAT over 47 million euros.

Esselunga: Legality always respected, total cooperation

In particular, when reconstructing the labor supply chain, it was found that in some cases the employment relationships with the client company were shielded by filter companies, which in turn resorted to various cooperative companies, while in other cases they cooperated directly with those who systematically failed to pay VAT and pay social security and social security contributions in most cases. Various searches are currently underway against the natural and legal persons involved in the provinces of Milan, Novara and Bergamo and the reporting of guarantee information and personal responsibilities related to criminal offenses of issuing and using invoices for non-existent transactions in terms of administrative liability of companies with crimes committed by company directors. Esselunga announces in a statement that it has taken steps to offer the fullest cooperation and full support to the judicial authorities in carrying out the activities. “We await the tests and findings with confidence, in the certainty that we have always acted in accordance with the law,” the company explains.

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