Extra virgin olive oil, ideal already in the weaning phase

Extra virgin olive oil, ideal already in the weaning phase

Weaning and extra virgin olive oil. EVO-Oil is already indispensable in the diet of children after six months. The news comes from an investigation by Italian Association of Paediatricians (FIMP).

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Weaning and Extra Virgin Olive Oil: It can be introduced as early as six months of age

The researchers reviewed the recommendations of 1,260 paediatricians, 93% of whom are paediatricians pediatrician of your choice. These doctors serve more than a million families with children under the age of 14. 85% of them recommend the introduction of Extra virgin olive oil in the diet from the start weaningwhich usually begins around 6 months of age. More than 7 out of 10 of them also recommend their parents what grade of oil to use.

The results of this research prompted FIMP to collaborate with Coldiretti, unaprolthe Italian Olive Consortium and the Evooschool Foundation to develop a program that can help families, but also doctors, to make the right choice.

We need correct information for paediatricians who can pass it on to families

94% of pediatricians call for more effective education on the nutritional properties of EVO Oil and its implications in developmental age. More than 8 out of 10 say this training is necessary because Doctors can also be an important point of contact for parents on this topic.

As for the need to identify a high-quality extra virgin olive oil, almost all the paediatricians who took part in the survey affirm that it is important to have tools to identify it. Tools should then be made available to parents so that they can avoid buying inferior products of dubious origin.

What does EVO oil contain?

The benefits of extra virgin olive oil are so well known and proven that many experts refer to it as food medicine. EVO Oil offers:

These are molecules that not only slow down the natural aging process, but may also help prevent the development of some non-communicable diseases in adulthood.

Why is EVO oil useful for newborns?

Especially during weaning, taking EVO Oil supports the development of:

  • the bone,
  • of the central nervous system,
  • many other metabolic functions.

Weaning and Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Quality is fundamental

Second Luigi NigriFIMP Vice-President, “Families too often underestimate the importance of food choices during childhood and development.” Nigri adds that these choices “decisively affect the child’s development and health status in the later stages of life”.

Precisely because EVO oil is considered the prince Mediterranean cuisine It is important to choose high quality. Families must pay particular attention to the composition, traceability and of course the right dosage, taking into account five main parameters:

  1. I’m waiting,
  2. taste good,
  3. certain origin,
  4. Label,
  5. Price.

Beware of unsafe products

Choosing the right EVO oil is a crucial step. The agri-food market is polluted by:

  • fake products,
  • uncertain origin,
  • Products resulting from mixing that contain chemical additives, pesticide residues and heavy metals.

These are situations that can even seriously damage the nervous system and kidneys.

It should be emphasized that high-quality EVO oil, on the other hand, does not have the opportunity to contain even a minimal amount of harmful substances.

Information on how to save oil is also a crucial step. If stored improperly, the natural properties of the food can deteriorate and reduce its anti-inflammatory and cardioprotective effects.

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