finally, after 11 years –

finally, after 11 years –

After no less than 11 years, the superbollo of the car is dealt with, a tax that is as unfair as it is useless. This is how the President of the Italian Automobile Club, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, commented on the words of Deputy Economy Minister Maurizio Leo, who anticipated the majority project to abolish the so-called micro-taxes. Including super vignette for vehicles with an engine power of more than 185 kW.

A big thank you – continues Sticchi Damiani – goes to the government of Italian motorists for their understanding that this super tax is an anomaly whose only effect is to distort and weaken the national car market. Abolition will return full freedom in the production and purchase of cars without artificial restrictions.

Superbolus, how does it work?

But how does Superbollo work today? As mentioned, a contribution owed by owners of vehicles with a power of more than 185 kW. A tax that costs 20 euros for every kW over 185. For a car with a power of 250 kW, the amount to be canceled would be around 1300 euros. This range includes cars like the Audi S4 TDI or the BMW M 340d models.


The government’s aim is to abolish the tax break law before the summer break. Then, in the September-December period, we can issue the first legislative decrees, said Deputy Economy Minister Maurizio Leo to the Attorney General for Accounting. For the Superbollo, based on the explanations of Andrea De Bertoldi, Fratelli d’Italia MP, the zeroing measure could be introduced in an amendment or included in a maxi-provision that will list the micro-taxes to be abolished: from final taxes to Taxes on table football and pinball machines.

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