Former minister Speranza says the Covid commission is an undignified operation against him

Former minister Speranza says the Covid commission is an undignified operation against him

The former health minister attacks the centre-right party in the Covid inquiry commission: “The decision to pet the fur of people who have been vaccinated is abysmal, this is a political tribunal, a club to hit opponents,” said Speranza, ” they are not looking for answers.” , it is an undignified operation”.

Robert Hope it doesn’t fit: that Commission of Inquiry on Covid It is a direct attack on him and the previous government, but also on all the scientists who have been working on behalf of Italy during the time of the pandemic. For the former health minister, the commission elected by the centre-right party and the Third Pole in the Chamber reads “a political tribunal with instrumental aims, a club to hit opponents“. This is illustrated by two concrete elements: “Although we would have liked all aspects of emergency management to be considered, the majority opted to exclude from the scope of the Commission’s initiative those regions that have primary and basic constitutional functions in healthcare. We asked why and the answer was an awkward silence“.

The former minister defended himself against the attacks in an interview with Corriere della Sera: “There is an intention that is completely political and disturbing – he added – I have always thought that whoever is responsible for handling such a dramatic event must be willing to hold an account. But this commission is not looking for answers, it is an undignified operation. Our country doesn’t deserve it“. During the discussion in the plenary hall, the 5-Star Movement decided to give up the benches in protest. There was also a long hug between former President Conte and his former Minister Speranza, who were considered the key government figures during the pandemic emergency.

It will be strange to see parliamentarians examining the work of key scientists at European level on vaccines – added Hope again – Of course, you still want to pet the No-Vax fur. The choice is political. And miserable“. Then he defended himself again: “I firmly believe that we have done everything to defend people’s right to health, following the insights of the scientific community, which are evolving day by day“.

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