From research in hematology a future without blood cancer

From research in hematology a future without blood cancer

Today, thanks to research, people with blood cancer are more likely to recover or live with the disease for years while maintaining a good quality of life. Pure research was the focus National Day for Fighting Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma funded by the AIL and is a constant commitment of the association, which has invested more than 20 million euros in one year, primarily in research, care and support of hematological centers.

And this year, AIL has provided funds to support independent research projects proposed by the main scientific societies in hematology. “For over 50 years, AIL has stood by hematology patients and their families to support scientific research and advance knowledge in the field of blood cancer,” he explains Joseph BullAIL National President.

“Over the years, thanks to the research also funded by AIL, the therapies have become more and more effective and in the near future new ones will surely appear on the market that can offer patients an ever better quality of life.” The constant support of scientific research leads to a virtuous alliance with the scientific societies active in the hematological field. We are very proud that this year, for the first time, the AIL provided a grant of €150,000 to support independent research projects in the field of blood diseases, presented to coincide with the national holiday.”

As every year, on the occasion of National Leukemia, Lymphoma and Myeloma Day, AIL is sponsoring an initiative that has become a tradition and is always eagerly awaited by patients and their families: the AIL toll-free number for hematology problems 800.22.65.24 This offers patients the opportunity to speak to experienced hematologists and request clarification on their pathologies and therapies without the time and privacy issues they may have with the physicians who typically serve them at their treatment centers.

The toll-free number AIL 800 22 65 24 is available to you free of charge all year round from Monday to Friday from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. for individual advice. AIL has also expanded the type of online consultation: on Monday, Thursday and Friday, the hematologists respond to doubts about pathologies; On Tuesdays, a rights expert responds on tax breaks and income support; and on Wednesdays a psychologist offers listeners and support to those in need.

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